Webdesign: Jens Schmitt, Moccu.
Webdesign: Alexandra Jugovic, Hi-Res!.
Webdesign: M. Schmitt, Kaliber 10 000.
Digitale Musik: Anthony Rother, PsiNet49.
about hi-res!

Hi-Res was founded in December 1999 by Alexandra Jugovic and Florian Schmitt. Until today the two are at the same time owners and creative directors of their small digital media firm, that became famous straight away.

It all began with a free project: Soulbath. There the most different forms and variants of navigation were used. The here communicated aesthetisation of distortions and collapses as well as the purposed disinformation strategy soon gave the page its reputation. For Hi-Res this also meant: more orders. Together with web design agencies such as Me Company and Tomato “Mind the Banners” was created – a project that deals with the topic “banners” in the web and their artistic codification. Particularly known though became Hi-Res for its works for the two films “Requiem for a Dream” and “Center of the World”.

In “Requiem for a Dream”, a film by newcomer Darren Aronowsky, whose low-budget production “Pi” caused stir not only at independent festivals, destinies of several humans are presented and most different forms of addictions appear. Hi-Res translated the film’s story into a claustrophobic interplay of decayed gambling portals and moving fragments of film pictures.
For “Center of the World” by director Wayne Wang (“Smoke”, Blue in the Face”), which tells the story of the obsessive relationship between a solitary computer expert and a mysterious stripper, Hi-Res also chose an unusual approach: The user is led in several steps into a peculiar strip show, his view is always kept in a voyeuristic perspective.

In this year alone Hi-Res were honoured at three big festivals: for “Requiem for a Dream” they won a prize at the D&DA-Awards, in the category “most outstanding consumer website”, as well as two prizes at the 5th Webby Awards in the areas film advertising and spectator’s prize. The web presentation of “Center of the World” gained an honouring at the New York Flash Film Festival.

In the meantime A. Jugovic and F. Schmitt have already established themselves as innovative web designers. At the moment they are working at projects for Sony, Virgin and Mitsubishi, furthermore Soulbath, Vol. 2 is planned. Particularly the always successful communication between artistic strategies and commercial orders as well as, last not least, their outstanding way of conceptual adaptation attracted digitalcraft’s attention.