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About Han Hoogerbrugge

Han Hoogerbrugge tells about the history of the Neuotica-series:

"I studied painting at The Rotterdam Art Academy from 1982 to 1987 and after graduating I worked with all sorts of media like painting, drawing, installations and sculpture. In 1996 I started a comic strip
based on my own life as an artist; a self-portrait as a comic. Needless to say, the character in the comic is me. The comic was drawn in the style I still use today for my animations. I also got an internet connection in 1996 and started a web site called Modern Living. The initial idea was just to put the comic strip online, but I got more familiar with html and all the basic rules involved with publishing on the internet, I realized that this wasn’t the right media for a static comic strip. Then I discovered gif animation, I started to animate my strips and within two years I was creating work specially developed for the internet, called the Neurotica-series.

The first comic strips dealt with every day problems an artist has to deal with like getting his work exposed, selling work, openings, etc. With the Neurotica-series I wanted to do something else. I wanted to explore what it’s like to be alive in the time we live in, in a more general way. To visualize the spirit of our time through the adventures of my character. With no language, just images.

At first the animations just looped and there was no interactivity involved because they were made with just a simple gif-animation program. In August 1998 I was invited by a Dutch TV company ( to make an interactive Neurotica story for their ‘Lifesavers’ project (

To get interactivity I decided I had to use Flash. I had admired Flash work on the internet but this was the first time I had found the chance to start working with it. Flash turned out to be the ideal tool to express my feelings; my gif-animation days were over. From November1998 all the Neurotica animations were created in Flash."

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