digitalcraft - team and people

Jan Böhme
Assistant Projectmanagement
Christiane Feser
Webeditor Webdesign
Maria Lange-Brandenburg
PR & Communication
Jochen Leinberger
Webeditor Webdesign
Peter Müller
Webeditor Webdesign
Franziska Nori
Project Leader
Kai Riasol
Administration Sun/Windows
Bernd Seib
Julian Thukral
Webeditor Games
Dennis Werner
Webeditor Games

Furthermore we would like to thank Jan Kristinus from the firm Pergopa, responsible for the programming of the content management tool and the database for Cornelia Franke designed the digitalcraft site.

We would like to thank Joachim Blank and Karl-Heinz Jeron of the ‚Internationale Stadt Berlin' for providing giving us the opportunity to collect and archive one of Germany's first ‚Online communities'.