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"adonnaM.mp3 - Filesharing, the hidden revolution in the internet"

"adonnaM.mp3" is concerned with the phenomenons of audio filesharing, peer-to-peer-networking and the mp3-standard. The exhibition analyses the drastic changes which the use of this digital tool is effecting in society, the economy, art and design. "adonnaM.mp3" runs from 20th March to 20th April 2003 at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt.

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"I love you - computer_viruses_hacker_culture"

digitalcraft's exhibition about viruses presented them both an economical threat as much as aesthetical impulses that influence digital art to a great extent. "I love xou" was first shown in May/June 2002 at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt. It has been thematically augmented for this years transmediale03 in Berlin, where "I love you" could also be seen.

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"origami digital - Demos without restrictions"

From the 10th of december 2002 to the 2oth of febraury 2003, digitalcraft presented its exhibition “origami digital - Demos without Restrictions” at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt. The demo scene, another exciting facet of digital culture, for the first time will be displayed in a museum.

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SMS museum guide

The “SMS museum guide” was presented by digitalcraft from september 10th to november 25th at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt: using digital technologies as a means of designing communication between a museum and its visitors. Visitors at the museum were given the chance to receive information about certain objects via mobile phone as well as have multimedia content sent to them via email.

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