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Since january 27th digitalcraft presents "zoo/puppet tool" by the parisien net artist studio LeCielEstBleu as its new designerfeature. Fréderic Durieu calls his project an „Algorithmic Poetry“. “Zoo/puppet tool” reminds us that the web doesn’t belong just to the designers. Durieu has programmed animated animals which can be modulated by the user by means of the mouse. The interactively generated sounds are from Jean-Jacques Birgé, his collegue.

"Zoo/puppet tool" ist nominated at this years transmediale.03 in Berlin in the category software awards.

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--> designer archive was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the “digitalcraft“ section of the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt am Main (2000-2003). Its mission is to research and document fast-moving trends in everyday digital culture and to present them to the public. Since 2003, has been an independent cultural organization under the direction of Franziska Nori. Its work includes interdisciplinary exhibition projects such as “adonnaM.mp3“ (2003) on the phenomenon of file sharing, “Origami Digital“ (2003) on the digital demo scene, public lectures and publications, and consultancies for public institutions and museums. The subjects it explores reflect the rapid development in communications technologies and methods and their significance for modern society.

Serbia - Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad

June 22nd - July 4th 2006

Serbia - Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade

July 11th - July 24th 2006

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