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Franziska Nori: I love you
Massimo Ferronato: The VX scene
Sarah Gordon: Structuring ethical curricula
Alessandro Ludovico: Virus
epidemiC: Action sharing
epidemiC: AntiMafia
epidemiC: Audience versus sharing
0100101110101101.0rg: Vopos
Jaromil: :(){ :I:& };:
Jutta Steidl: If ( ) then ( )
Florian Cramer: Language, a Virus?
Csilla Burján: Chronology of Viruses
Humboldt-University of Berlin: Glossary of viruses
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Alessandro Ludovico: Virus Charms and self-creating codes

Linklist & biography

Alessandro Ludovico: From 1993 is the editor in chief of Neural, the Italian new media culture magazine. He edited: in 1992 ‘Virtual Reality Handbook’, a VR guidebook; in 1995 ‘Internet.Underground.Guide’, an underground guide of the net with one of the first music compilation assembled via email; in 2000 ‘Suoni Futuri Digitali’ (Future Digital Sounds), an in-depth research that chronicles the history of the innovations that have drastically changed how we produce and experience sounds. He’s one of the founding members of the Nettime list, and one of the founding memeber of the ‘European Peripheral Magazine list. Now he collaborates with the monthly magazines ‘Internet News’, ‘’, with the RTSI (Italian language Switzerland Radiotelevision) and with the online magazine ‘’. In 2001 he joined the n.a.m.e. (normal audio media environment) art group and developed ‘Sonic Genoma’, a computer art installation. In the same year he organized the ‘Liberation Technologies’ conference in Bari (Italy). He also conducts ‘Neural Station’ a weekly radio show on electronic music and digital culture, and daily updates the Neural website [].




Jodi: OSS

Tara Bethune-Leamen: Virus corp.

Mark Amerika: Hypertextual Consciousness

Joseph Nechvatal: Virus Project 2.0

Mary Flanagan: [collection]




Richard Dawkins: Mind Viruses. Ars Electronica, facing the future. Edited by Timothy Druckery. Boston: MIT Press, 1999.

Jean Baudrillard: Cool Memories. Blackwell, 1996.

Julian Dibbel: Viruses are good for you. In: Wired 3.02, february 1995.

The Art of Accident. NAI Publishers/V2 Organisatie, Rotterdam 1998.

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