I love you
The catalogue
Franziska Nori: I love you
Massimo Ferronato: The VX scene
Sarah Gordon: Structuring ethical curricula
Alessandro Ludovico: Virus
epidemiC: Action sharing
epidemiC: AntiMafia
epidemiC: Audience versus sharing
0100101110101101.0rg: Vopos
Jaromil: :(){ :I:& };:
Jutta Steidl: If ( ) then ( )
Florian Cramer: Language, a Virus?
Csilla Burján: Chronology of Viruses
Humboldt-University of Berlin: Glossary of viruses
Pictures of the exhibition
The Poster
origami digital
SMS museum guide
digitalcraft STUDIO (e)
About epidemiC

epidemiC Crew is an italian collective of artists and
programmers, which is active since the year 2000.

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2001 Bologna, D-I-N-A digital_is_not_analog.01
"VIRII VIRUS VIREN VIRY" - The Beauty of The Source Code -

2001 Valencia, Bienal de Valencia
"HTML.Reality.b.html - Ready-Made -

2001 Venezia, Biennale di Venezia
"" - The First Python Virus -

2002 Milano, D-I-N-A digital_is_not_analog.02
"downJones sendMail" - Language Virus or Viral Marketing? -

2002 Milano, Universitŕ Bocconi
"bocconi.vbs" - The Branded Virus -

2002 Frankfurt, Museum fuer Angewandte Kunst
"AntiMafia" - The Action Sharing -

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