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So called mobiles like Palms or the different handy systems are platforms which are really prefered in the demo scene. Those technologies with restricted capcities and disk space are meeting the special ethics of voluntarily accepted restictions of the scene halfway.

On this page you'll find a documentation of three demos and each of them was developed for a special mobile: AIKASPEKTRI by "Extend & Embassy" (Nokia 7650), 2MYJAZZ by Nemanja Bondzulic (a Palm demo) and finally "925", which was created by the demo artist Virne (alias Jani Lainesalo) for Nokia 3410.
If you're interested in the PC demo and C64 gallery please follow the links.

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Type: Nokia 7650 Demo

By Extend & Embassy

Published in the mobile demo compo at the Assembly party 2002.

Download here:


Type: Palm Demo

By Nemanja Bondzulic (aka Industry)

Code: cyborg
Graphics: Jailbird and Jamon/Juice/DCS

--> more about Industry

Release date: July 2002

Won the Mobile-Wizardry's demo contest.

Download here:


Type: Nokia 3410 demo

By Virne (Jani Lainesalo)

Publishedat the Assembly mobile demo compo 2002.

Download here: