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SMS museum guide

“SMS museum guide” - this was what digitalcraft presented from september 10th to november 25th at the mak.frankfurt: using digital technologies as a means of designing communication between a museum and its visitors. We focussed on mobile phones, as these are the most affordable, popular and easy to use way of communication.

Visitors at the mak.frankfurt were given the chance to receive information about certain objects via mobile phone as well as have multimedia content sent to them via email. The “SMS museum guide” was made possible by the MADControl-System (Mobile Advertising Control) of YconX, our partner during the realisation of the project.

For the “SMS museum guide”, three different objects were chosen:

1. Text & Books

2. Consoles & Games

3. Screensaver & multimedia artifacts

Further information and a brief instruction can be found here.

The realisation of the “SMS museum guide” within the digitalcraft exhibition started out as a kind of trial version. In future, we will extend this service and a make it disposable for other parts of the mak.frankfurt.

A second - and very important - perspective is the improvement of the communication with museum visitors. The “SMS museum guide” is a way to give direct feedback which for the museum is of great value. Thanks to the popularity of mobile phones, short messages (SMS) can be an excellent communication channel between a museum and its visitors.