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Alessandro Ludovico

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Peer-to-Peer: the collective, collaborative and liberated memory of sound


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Collective Jukebox

Sound Injury

Siren's Voice




What's the noise

Illegal Art




Alessandro Ludovico:

English content

Suoni Futuri Digitali

Since 1993, Alessandro Ludovico is chief publisher of "Neural", a very important italian periodical on new media culture. Furthermore, he released the "Virtual Reality Handbook" (1992) and the "Internet.Underground.Guide" (1995), a guide containing the first music collections that have been compiled via email. His publication "Suoni Futuri Digitali" (2000), a survey on the history of technical innovations that have provoked major changes in our way of producing and perceiving sounds, had been enthusiastically accepted by the music scene. Alessandro is co-founder of the mailing list "Nettime" and of the group "European Peripheral Magazine". He cooperates with the monthlies "Internet News" and "", with the RTSI (swiss radio and television broadcasting in italian language) and the online mag "". In 2001, he became member of "n.a.m.e." (Normal audio media environment) and devised a computer art installation called "Sonic Genoma". In the same year, he organised the conference "Liberation Technologies" in Bari, Italy. Alessandro Ludovico also heads "Nural Station" which is a weekly radio programme that focusses on electronic music and digital culture.