I love you - Franziska Nori


The VX scene - Massimo Ferronato
Structuring ethical curricula in the information age -Sarah Gordon
Virus charms and self-creating codes - Alessandro Ludovico
The action sharing - [epidemiC] Crew
AntiMafia - [epidemiC] Crew
Audience versus sharing - [epidemiC] Crew
Vopos an experiment in art by 0100101110101101.ORG


:(){ :|:& };: - Jaromil
If () Then () - Jutta Steidl
Language, a Virus? - Florian Cramer
Glossary of viruses - Humboldt-University of Berlin
This catalogue has been published in occasion of the first „I love you“exhibition showing at the Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt, Germany, in Mai 2002.

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