Who are you?...

Benny: Nowadays (summer 1999), I'm 17; I study computers on highschool and writin' viruses, engines and tutorials for/about Win32 platformz.

Methyl: Methyl is short for 'The Methyl Lated Spyryt'. I was being called 'Casper the unfriendly ghost' at the time by some friends who knew what I was up to and I enjoyed being a ghost. But then I saw a bottle of methyl-lated spirits on the shelf of a toilet and thought "Hey, why don't I call myself The Methyl Lated Spirit??“.

Cicatrix: In my normal day-to-day job I happen to sometimes use a handle as well. Cicatrix is the Latin translation/equivalent. Well like most of us I think I'm just your regular run-of-the-mill average guy who happens to 'dig' computer viruses.

Duke: Huh... I'm russian boy. I love techno, rave and much more. Not less than music i like chicks. Other time, i am sick of all the above things - then I sit to code viruses.

Wildworker: I am an Ukrainian virus writer and RSA member born in the 1937?. I have girlfriend (but may be she is my wife already, coz I don't know when this will be released?.

Aurodreph: I play role-playing game: one day, I created a drow (dark elf) in the AD&D world and the name of this character was AURODREPH. I like this name so I decide to use it... It has no special signification except on elf world...

Blonde: John Doe / 01-12-23/ 0123-456 78 / 54 Unknown St. / 18. In one of Quentin Tarantinos movies, Reservoir Dogs, one of the main characters is called Mr. Blonde. The character Mr. Blonde is kind of cruel... guess I'm cruel too ;). Hehe...

CoKe: Hehe... Well, my handle is CoKe, comes from Coca Cola, not from cocaine... :) It's my first and only handle. Good enough? :)

Crom-Cruach: Hacker, Phreaker, Raver, Freak & Stoner... Crom-Cruach is the ancient Irish supreme Wormgod...

GriYo: After having finished the boring career about management computing my ass has found a place in a well-known Spanish enterprise. The handle "GriYo" is the optimized version of the word "grillo", which in Spanish means "cricket"... a friend of mine called me like that, he said I was similar to a character we call "Pepito Grillo" in Spain... Pinocchio's mate. Since then I haven't been able to get rid of that nickname! I haven't ever used any other aliases. I'm 25, my height is 1.82 and my weight is 65 kilos... I have dark hair and my foot size is 42 in Spain... just get an idea ;)

SMT: Now I'm a student of University.

Dark Fiber: Ooh, hehe, well back in the early 80's there was some show (anime) which name I dont remember but the ninja used a "dark fiber" to strangle his enemy. I’m into computer programming and a small bit of systems analysis; I also do martial arts and write. Even contemplated giving up computers for good and going into writing but...

Dark Slayer: I am a 19 years old boy. I am a college student and my major course is electrical engineer. I live in dorm. Although I called 'Dark Slayer' but I never write any destructive virus. To me, writing virus is just for research and fun. After reading an article called 'Introducing Dark Avenger and Dark Angel' on magazine, I realize that I need a cool name like theirs. When I was thinking and listening the Slayer's CD (a Metal Band), suddenly I found 'Slayer ' cool enough. That's why I called ' Dark Slayer '.

Executioner: I'm just an average guy. I've got a girlfriend and a social circle and all that. I'm not weird looking, I'm not obsessed with my mother, I'm not physically disfigured. Just thought I'd dispel those particular myths. I'm 19 years old, and a university dropout (I'm never going back). I do programming for a living and for fun, I compete in sports, and I like math. I'm about 5'8", short brown hair, Executioner is just my latest handle among others. I won't discuss those other handles. I picked it because I thought it was funny... executing files: Executioner. You know. I work as a system administrator for a relatively huge ISP, I do embedded software programming for custom hardware, I do regular development under a variety of platforms. I don't really do much. It's my only source of income, and I don't intend to get any other sources. It's also where most of my hobbies lie.

Foxz: In High School my girlfriend call me 'Fox', I like it ‘cause Fox mean clever.

John Tardy: I am called John Tardy, born somewhere in the beginning of the 70ties. In the beginning of time, I was fascinated by certain death metal groups like Deicide and Obituary. The lead singer of the band is John Tardy and has a hell of a voice. I wanted to adapt his name to the underground also.

Lucifer Messiah: All my friends always called me Lucifer Messiah. I am a religious type of person. People were always afraid of me because I always wear black, and have very long hair. They called me Lucifer first. When they found that I was not a Satanist, they called me Jesus. Now it is Lucifer Messiah. Three years ago I moved to Canada because of my job. I work with networks. I met SCEB, who is Supreme Commander Electro-Brainwave. The two of us put ANARKICK SYSTEMS together. Most of what we do is not released, and that is probably good.

Hellraiser: Skism was what my lame college group would have been called if anyone gave a damn… I decided to move out to California for a while and just hang out… When I got a computer out there I started coding viruses again. All the hack/phreak boards wanted to become Phalcon/Skism sites. We officially became a group at this point.

Masoud Khafir: I am Masoud Khafir, virus writer. Age: twenty-something. Country: The Netherlands. That's about all that I want to reveal about my identity. 'Masud' is a common name in the Middle East. I chose that name in the spring of 1991, when the Kurdish rebellion in iraq was active. 'Khafir' is a word I once found in the dictionary. It's arab and is a rude word for non-Muslims. In the south-African language it's 'kaffir' and means 'nigger'. In Holland it is 'kaffer' and is used for calling someone an idiot. I found it a funny word, because of its strange history.

Mr. Sandman: Errhmm... ok. I'm about 170cm high, normal weight, i was blonde when i was young but my hair has been getting darker for many years, green eyes, and sometimes a 3-day-long beard or goattee beard; no glasses (except when I’m computing and my eyes start becoming red) :). I'm a student. I had a lot of nicks, and I finally decided to choose Mister Sandman after hearing the song in a 60s music CD I bought some time ago. Why? well... first, because when I was young I used to read the comics about Mister Sandman (by Neil Gaiman); second, because he was one of the enemies of Spiderman I liked most... and cause Spiderman is putts :) And third, of course, because of the song... I like it a lot, and I also pretend to give dreams when releasing 29A issues :) And NO, please... Metallica fans who use to do a query shouting 'Enter Sandman!' or 'Metallica rulessss!!!'… I *hate* Metallica :)

Jerk1N: Annoying, Sarcastic, Over The Top, Crazed, Multi-purpose (??), Programmer of VX and "Normal" Software, Helpfull in everything I can. Bollock's knows wher it came from. Along the line of JERKING which sort-of means Pest and Annoying etc. e.g. I'm jerking you off.

Kpv-Team: KPV Team was founded by Dark Shadow (me), Dark Knight, and Dark Warrior in late 1997. We founded KPV Team as there were no other virus writers groups in Malaysia at that time. Even now, hehehe, KPV Team is the sole virus writers group in Malaysia.

Metabolis: My handle comes from a computer game for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k which was on the cover tape of some magazine I bought in '89.

Billy Belcebu: I'm a Spanish 16 old year guy, I’m a proud member of the iKX [International Knowledge eXchange], and I’ve written several virus/tutes... I’m 1.75, brown/black hair, green/brown eyes (they change depending of time!), today I’ve beard (goat-beard)... My aspect (clothes) is ussually peculiar... I like a lot the black, so I wear a t-shirt of my favourite music groups, black or blue jeans...

Mikee: I don't see any reason to hide myself so here I am. My true name is Michael John G. Lopez, living at U-115 Christopher Plaza Bldg., Quirino Highway, LAGRO, Novaliches City, Philippines. If you want to contact me by phone, my telefax is (632) 4191374. I work as layout artist, programmer, and anything about computers. 21 years old birthday is March 18 (so watch out for March 18 triggers :)) I’m cool and I have no rules attached to myself. I do what I want to do and I like mingling with other people like you :)…well, here in the Philippines Mike is oftentimes called Mikee. It actually doesn't mean anything but I like it because it sounds sweeter and cooler than Mike.

Nucleii: Well, let’s see. I’m currently just a college student/computer nerd having fun with my life. I have a very health social life and a kewl girlfriend for over a year. My true love is producing electronic music (intelligent jungle/ drum&bass) haha... Everyone that has been through any sort of biology class knows what a nucleus is, and the plural is nuclei… I just happened to have a typo that I liked and stuck with it.

Potti Rotti: I can't really describe myself since I am totally scitzo! :). Hmm, well guess I'm just a orinary guy with an interest in computers and the technical side of computing. I'm 21 years old and I'm currently taking some classes on a university not doing too well since I have no real motivation (or time over, perhaps?) to study.

LovinGod: I am 24 years old, employeed as an application programmer. First time I read the Bible when I was 15, and realized how the God sucks - blackmailing requires from people to be his slaves. The same time Bible says God is love. So, I choose two contradictory words and joined it together - LovinGOD, i.e. nonsense. Later I have realized that both God and love sucks. God loves you, if love means raping in very perverted styles, so I'd like to "love" all my enemies in such way too :)

StarZer0: I'm starzero, son of izaël, son of asmaël, son of absolom, son of etc, etc... I started VXing about 2 or 3 years ago, at starting, I didn't knew one line of assembler. I learn quickly, did some cracking and then start writing some com infectors (I'm still proud of them). I have brown eyes and I'm single =) My external look is rather simplicity. I don't like all these people that take care so much of their look or want to appears like some other people at TV. I follow my line.

RustBug: Well, I'm 19 years old. And I've been using computers since I was 9 years old... er 8... I started with a color computer 3, and worked my way up to a 80286 which I liked :)... then, I eventually learned enough about them to build my own 486… As for my life shit... Umm, I always hated school... Didn't much care for fights everyday... and, My family life sucks… heh... Well, my cats name is Red Rusty bug. So,
I got tired of being asked the time :)

Trigger: Hi, I'm Trigger, born somewhere in the seventies and resident in The Netherlands. Errm... At some time I wanted a new handle, and I wanted it to sound kinda dangerous. I read in some virus article the verb 'to trigger', and I decided I'd use that as a handle, regarding the parallel with the 'trigger' of a gun, which can be kinda dangerous. :)


How did you get into computers?

Benny: I always wanted have a computer becoz many of my friends had their own computer. I became owner of my own PC, when I was 13. That was great time. I can remember, that all friends were playin' games, but only I was interested in programmin' and operatin' system itself.

Methyl: I started off with BBC MICROs in my primary school. I also had a friend of the time which ran an Amstrad with BASIC and CP/M. I read the manuals from both computers and learnt. Soon after, I made a friend who gave me an IBM XT with a 40meg MFM hard disk and a monochrome monitor. A year later, he gave me an IBM AT with 40meg hard disk and EGA. Soon after I got a 386SX-16 with 4 Megs of ram. Then I acquired a 200meg hard disk (which died after a few years of loyal use) and a SVGA screen. Recently I bought a 486DX2-66 with 400meg hard disk and 16 Megs of RAM. This should do me for at least another year. You could say quite confidently that I've been through the whole progression of personal computer technology.

Cicatrix: My first experience must have been around 1983 when I saw some 10-12 year old kid do magic with a computer keyboard. I decided that what a 10-12 year old kid could do I could better so I bought my first computer (Acorn Electron with a cassette player for storage) and started fooling around programming simple stuff in BASIC.

Duke: In fall 1997 I got computer. In the very beginning I can’t handle with it, then I started to play computer games. It was fun but not very usefull. After a half year I told to myself - stop! It's time to do more serious things - and so I started learn programming. And in fall 1998 myself and GorLuM (friend of mine) decided to found cracking group SMF.

Wildworker: I've seen the first time the computer 6 years ago at the school. It was the soviet computer and looked as a refrigerator :). I love refrigerators with products, that's why I love computers:) ( joke :)

Blonde: That was around the age of, erh..., 11 or 12 or something like it...

CoKe: Phew... I was 10 or so when I got my first PC... 8088 XT with Hercules graphics card... Since most of the games were CGA only I started to code in BasicA and GwBasic to write my own games... :) That makes 13 years now.

Crom-Cruach: About ten years ago a nephew had a BBC I used to screw up. Then some friends got C64s- and when the PC began to appear on the market, my father bought one...

GriYo: I started in this world when I was 8... In that moment we were living the 8-bit personal computer (such as Spectrum, Amstrad and MSX) boom.

SMT: I've started on 1991, and my first machine was Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I knew *all* about Sinclair soft&hard and felt myself as a god:). So, I passed through an excellent school on it and went to PC on May of 1998. Actually, I am a novice in PC world.

Dark Fiber: Phew. Looong time ago. were talking back in the days when people had vic20's and trs-80's. I dont really remember the how but iirc, it was a Christmas present.

Foxz: From my friend computer (1990)

John Tardy: I think I was almost 10 years old, but I heard of PC's when in 1990 I had my first PC...

Lucifer Messiah: 14 years old. I got a Vic 20 at the Yule. They boot up in Basic, so I learned from that. The magazines were very helpful. I got some Tandy I think not too long after that. I took Computer through high school as well.

Hellraiser: When I was going to college I met up with a few people who were interested in computers. None of which knew anything about the underground, myself included.

GriYo: I learnt to code in the assembly language for those machines while cracking. I used to unprotect those games which included a turbo load so that it'd be easy to copy them... Little by little I started getting into the game coding world... I worked for a lot of leading Spanish companies in this sector, but then university sucked out all the time I could spend on this.

Masoud Khafir: A long time ago. My first computer was a C-64. That was about 10 years ago. But I have even programmed before that time.

Mr.Sandman: I think I was 6 or 7 when I started on this... one of my brothers started studying the career about computing and then bought a 8088. I kept on coding stupid programs and games until he bought his first Macintosh. At the start I just used to freak with its graphical environment, games, and drawing programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Later I discovered an utility called ResEdit, with which I was able to change the application icons, the text strings... hehe :)

Metabolis: It was 1982, I wanted a computer for some reason and annoyed my parents enough to get one. They bought me a Sinclair ZX81 and it went on from there.

Eternal Maverick: Hmm... The very first time I saw a computer about 12 years ago at school (it was a kind of XT made in USSR). I tried to play some games and wrote a simple program on BASIC...

Opic: When I was a kid I used to play with my parents Texas Instruments, programed it to add 2 and 2. And when my dad got a 286 with a modem my brother and I used to connect to local (and not so local) BBS's and just talk to people, it was like magic to us.....

Potti Rotti: My father bought a C64 (great computer) early in the 80's and when he bought his first PC (8088), I ripped the C64 from him and that's how it all started.

LovinGod: The first serious contact was when I was 20, in the University. There was first Russian IBM PC clones with CGA and no hard drive, only 5-inch floppies. I also studied BASIC and Pascal in school on Yamaha and then in the University on a giant big machines with green/white displays and killing weight keyboards.

RustBug: My very first computer related experience was when I was 7... I built a little clock counter thing.

Trigger: When I was 8 or something, my dad got us an Atari 2600. I was hooked. After that, we got some kind of Sharp home computer (MZ-800), which had BASIC, but (even then) that couldn't really get my attention.


What programming languages can you use?

Benny: My first language was PASCAL. Then I was very interested in ASM. When I had holidays, I decided I should learn C/C++. Then I know Delphi, Java and some scriptin' langs, such as HTML or JavaScript.

Methyl: At one time or another I've been fluent in Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Visual Basic, and assembly language.

Duke: Pascal/Batch/WordBasic/Visual Basic/Windows Interface Language/Delphi, few asm, and many scripts... I am also familiar with bunch of scripts but I don't remember all the names ;-))) LOL

Aurodreph: I know Visual Basic, Visual Basic Applications, macro language, C and a little ASM.

Blonde: I'm a descent pascal programmer. I was my first programming language. I'm also familiar with C and trying to teach myself C/C++ at the moment... and asm of course.

CoKe: Yeah... I was too limited in Basic, so after a while, I switched to C... And to make some small routines faster, I used a bit of assembler to speed things up...

GriYo: I can code in any programming language under the sun... In my opinion, learning a language is a two-day long thing and a little of practice. I'll mention some of the languages I have a deep experience with: assembler, C++, Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, Basic (Visual, Q...), SQL, Pro-C, and a lot of pseudolanguages such as Java, HTML and all that kind of shit. My favorite languages are assembler for whatever processor and C++.

SMT: Very much: ASM Z80, ASM x86, C/C++, Pascal, Prolog, Forth, Basic :), and many different scrypts... But my favourite are ASM x86 and C.

Dark Fiber: cobol, c++, c, asm, visual basic, some lisp, sql, some oracle, access basic (vb:) and some tiny obscure things.

Dark Slayer: I can write ASM; C, Basic and 8048 micro-assembly.

Executioner: I know the regular assortment of languages. Pascal, C, C++ (I hate it), a little Lisp, COBOL, Forth, Modula-2/3, and other academic languages.

Foxz: Pascal and VB

Lucifer Messiah: I started programming in FORTRAN. I hated it. I hate math! Then Pascal and C came along, and I was in heaven. When I learned about assembly, I stopped programming in Pascal altogether, and only sometimes in C. I also use APL, the different varieties of AWK, ummm…, Lisp, a little COBOL.

Hellraiser: Basic was my first language. Much later on (when I got a PC) I picked up Pascal and started writing cool little utilities and BBS doors. When the whole virus thing came into play, I knew I had to learn ASM, and fast. So that was the next step. After I stopped coding viruses, I picked up C. At this time I am learning C++.

Mr.Sandman: The unique language I can use is ASM; Apart from this, I can understand lame languages such as Basic or Cobol, and not so lame as Pascal and some C. Other two languages I can code in are AppleScript and VBA, but my skills ain't that advanced as in the assembly language.

Jerk1N: VB, VBA (There is a difference), Basic (Quick), ASM. For Vx, ASM gotta be the best, VB and normal BASIC good for the rest.

KPV-Team: quickbasic, wordbasic, visualbasic, c++, and tasm. our favourite? assembler, naturally.

Metabolis: 8086 Asm, Basic and Pascal.

Eternal Maverick: ASM, C++, Pascal, BASIC.

Mikee: ASM and Basic. Never focused on C and Pascal

Nucleii: The only language I really know and use is assembler.

Opic: I have focused mainly on Assembly however lately I've been toying with some HLL's like Pascal, VB (if you can even call that a language), Delphi, and C++.

Potti Rotti: I am familiar with Pascal and assembler. My favourite language is of course assembler because you really understand what's happening inside the computer when you're coding in it. The same knowledge can never be gained by programming in a high-level language.

StarZer0: Oh, okay, I started with basic. Then I learnt asm and now I'm starting a career in c++.

RustBug: Well... I hate bloated exes... Hmm, pascal and c++ let you code shit better I suppose.. But, I'm a messy programmmer, and I don't like being forced to code in a certain way. Asic and asm suit my coding style, whereas c++ and pascal don't.


Why did you start to be interested in viruses?

Benny: When I had my own PC, I heard about some weird things, such as PC viruses. But I wanted to know, how is it coded. I bought many boox, but nowhere was explained, how to code that. Then I found one perfect book, where I found source codes of PS/MPC viruses and Aragon boot virus. Great moment. I don't know, if I would be there, where I am without that book.

Methyl: I think it started when I recieved some DOS 5 install disks and they kept complaining about some errors in unpacking files during installation. After running an AV I learnt I had a virus (which was pretty neat at the time). Then I read about viruses in Ralf Burger's book (I forget the title) and bought a book by McAfee on "Computer Viruses Data Diddlers Trojan Horses, and other threats to your system". It sucked but oh well. Then someone gave me a copy of Stoned, then I built up a collection, then I learnt assembly language (beforehand I knew C++, which I'd written a few trojans in, hehehe).

Cicatrix: It must have been the late '80's. I'd often heard about this magical thing called a computer virus but I had never encountered one. Having moved to an IBM compatible computer (8088) I was using quite a lot of pirated software and I used McAfee as a virus scanner. Then one day when I decided to scan a diskette which I did not expect to have a virus (it came from a reputable source) I found the Cascade virus.

Duke: Few years ago friend's computer has been infected by One Half and there was shitload of serious informations on the hard disk. He asked me to help him with removing the virus cos DrWeb was not able to do it (but I did it). Since then I was keen on viruses. In the biginning with the cleaning and fighting with then, the I started to collect the virii. And in august 1998 I coded my first viruses (HLLP & BAT).

Wildworker: When I start work with computers, one virus formated all my disks... That's was my first contact with viruses:)

Aurodreph: My first virus encounter must have been in 1985 with the well known Jerusalem virus. It comes with a pirated software. Then I decided to disassemble this virus... I like that and i continue to find others virus and so on...

Blonde: Well I guess I just wanted to learn more about viruses, mainly for protective purposes. As some of you guys know I didn't bother about viruses until I got hit by Bad Attitude... then I started to look at virus-code and though it would be cool to be able to write one by myself and well after a period of trial and error I succeeded and realised I'd found my niche. Because they intrigued me... they attracted me and to some extent to make something those warez-puppies feared like hell...

CoKe: Yeah... I always found viruses quite fascinating… Biological AND computer viruses... So I grabbed some interrupt list, TASM, and started writing a non-ow com infector... That actually took me 2 weeks of non-stop (night)work... Another week later, I wrote a remover for it, since my friends playing and copying everything from my system got all infected... hehe.

Crom-Cruach: Some years ago the media started to hype about the New Danger - I was able to find a copy of Brain and Burger, debugged them to death (no sources...) and made a simple direct-action .com infector (never released, probably wiped out with one of my zillion HD-crashes).

GriYo: The sucking educational system we have in Spain made impossible to me to study what I really was interested in... my intention was to study system computing. I was forced to study management computing instead... so many time coding stupid such applications (in which you can't do anything besides "discharges, charges, modifications and consultations") drove me to love writing viruses in my free time... I need my daily dose of system computing... It's because of this that I don't stand anybody giving his opinion about whether it's morally good or bad that I code viruses...

SMT: I was interested in creating and breaking software protection and joined to cracking group SMF. At that moment I knew nothing about viruses and after working in SMF I decided to make something in this direction.

Dark Fiber: A lot of my disks became infected with "stoned" and I became intrigued. My mate Australian Parasite and I were big into cracking and training back then (circa late 80's, 87?88?). The only viruses around were stoned and cascade and there was no such thing as "original" sources only really bad dissasemblies.

Dark Slayer: The reason made me to write virus is: I love to fool others. I bought a book called 'Introduce to Assembly' and started to study it. Finally I wrote my first virus, an over-written virus. When I studied more and more technique, I was attracted in writing virus. Writing virus has so many tricks like polymorphic, hidden, compress/decompress and so on that I can't ask myself stop writing.

Executioner: I got infected with Michaelangelo and Slow at the same time a long time ago, and that piqued my interest. I was already programming in assembly and a few other HL languages, so I poked around the code and started writing my own.

Foxz: Since my computer attack by 'WelcomeB' I promise to get REVENGE.

John Tardy: When I first got struck by a virus myself, I was convinced of the menace of it. I wanted to kill these things that ruined my PC. So I wanted to write a scanner or another antivirus toolkit. I contacted several persons in The Netherlands, including the author of TbScan, but they pulled me off. I wasn't thrust worthy and so on... Then I read a document from Vesselin Bontchev, about the Virus Exchange BBS's. You could only get a virus from them if you wrote one yourself, he said. So I did....

Lucifer Messiah: The intrigue of coming up with new technologies. I enjoy making the computer do what it isn't supposed to be able to do.

Hellraiser: All throughout my life I have been involved with the negative side of my pastimes. For instance, when I was younger I was an heavily into art, but instead of doing my work on a canvas with oils - I did it on a wall with spray paint. Naturally when it came to computers I once again found myself on the 'dark side'. Instead of writing utility programs and such, I started writing viruses.

Masoud Khafir: It started when I got a virus from a friend. I dissasembled that virus and after that I was wondering if I could write one myself. In the same time I started reading the virus areas on fidonet and there I read about Todor Todorov's Virus eXchange BBS. I was very curious about that and so I called it a few times. That's how I got into the scene.

Mr.Sandman: It was with the Mac. My brother brought some disks from the office he was working in and suddenly we realised that our Mac was infected… That's when I, by using ResEdit found the differences between infected and clean files, and then disinfected the virus file by file. I liked a lot that experience, and then I started investigating further on this world. I got a 286… got infected with the Traceback.3066 virus. It wasn't so easy to find out how did PC viruses work. Anyway, I was so luck to realise that all the files had in their body the name of the file which infected them, so it was easy to find the path of the infection, and I knew who was the motherfucker who infected me :)

Eternal Maverick:…I think it was in 1993 when I've got my own PC (286/1/40Mb/EGA). I was the most happy person in the world that day, but my satisfaction did not last long. The next morning when I turned on my computer I saw a blinking message on the screen: "If you have an HDD led and it is lighting red than HDD formatting is almost completed. With best wishes, XPEH-4928." I'd lost all my games :) and promised to myself to start learning programming. So I began to learn ASM.

Billy Belcebu: My first experience... mmm... I got a diskette with Natas and 1432, that zAxOn gave me,in early 1997. Although I’ve began to be interested when I read in a spanish related PC paper printed magazine, called PCMANIA, an article about the Spanish VX scene heading group 29A... More concretly, it was a description of the virus scene, with an interview to Wintermute and MrSandman.

Mikee: Damn, the virus I encountered was the 15xx virus. It was often detected by McAfee. I then started to become interested in virii. I bought books about it and began to learn).

Nucleii: Ever since I first had a computer, and a cute little cascade infection, I have been interested in the VX scene. I use to read all the AV papers on the dark avenger and the more common VX zines way before I ever learned programming or ever really got involved. Something about a program that can spread itsell... ahh… I guess its the classic "artifical life" thing that really made me interested in viruses. A friend of mine knew a little assembler, and helped me learn the basics, and always sent me examples and stuff. One way or another I learned virus programming as I was learning the assembly language. I also was learning computers in general. It all happened at once. hehe.,,.

Opic: I think about a year ago (perhaps more/less)...I caught Anticmos. A from some guy who loaned me a floppy disk....it was fascinating to me...I knew somthing was wrong within a hour, but this guy had this virus for well over a year and a half and didnt know it, he got it from some guy he knew in TX and given it to 3 other people in the building... who would likly have helped it complete its journy clear across the country had I not been infected. The way it functioned and worked was fascinating, it had infected over 250 of this guys floppies, I can only imagine the places that virus went. I think that is the point when I truly became interested in creating viruses; learning the art of making the unexpected happen.

Potti Rotti: I read a few virus oriented virus-magazine's and it seemed to be a cool thing to do.

LovinGod: In 1992 I went out to see the Sepultura concert about a 1000 kms away from home and met my friend, who wrote virii. He gave me his COM.TSR. Overwriting and about a hundred of others. I thought virii is something unreachable, but when I saw that real_people does it, I started to do write virii too.

StarZer0: I started interresting with viruses when I was 14. At that time I knew only qbasic. I bought a book talking over them, describing assembler code. I got hard to get an assembler, finally, I coded a bit assembler during the vacation so buggy code. At night, I coded a small com overwritter. It's from this night that everything started coding virus was originally a miracle for me. I liked a lot to see them working, it was a brain pleasure, it's a very good sensation so I coded again viruses, and I lost motivation until the day I started to code something new, something never done before. So I got biggest motivation, until that, I most enjoy researching in virus technology making -just a good- virus is boring like hell.

RustBug: Heh... Well, after I got my 80286, I wanted to learn about viruses... So, I downloaded some from pirate hacker boards in my area, and oversees (parents loved the bill). And, tried to figure them out. I knew the theories behind em, but at the time, ASM was a complete blur to me... I didn't even know what int was...

Trigger: After the Sharp home computer we got ourselves an 8 MHz XT, and of course, we used tons of pirated software. (TestDrive, Larry 1, ahh the good old days :)) Then, one day, I was scanning my 20 Mb HDD, and McAfee found Yankee Doodle. McAfee cleaned it up, so no big deal.


How did you get into VX comunity?

Benny: When I was surfing on internet, I found link to WM.CAP. There was link to 29A page and there I downloaded 29A#2 magazine. That was nirvana. There I found some link to IRC. Huh, I had a BiG luck. There were many good coderz at the same time and everyone was on-line! I won't ever forget for that moment, when Darkman said: "Hey guy, u r that coder, we r lookin' for. Join 29A!“

Methyl: I used to be a member of [Immortal Riot/Genesis] but I have since left and am starting my own group. I joined Genesis because Rajaat is cool :) I think I asked him if I could join.

Duke: It was quit late. From the very beginning I knew there is a "virus scene: but I have no clue where I can meet people with equal intereses. I didn't have access to the internet in dat time.

Wildworker: Wide scene I join jumped in the end of 1998 ... Group SMF has been found by me and GorLuM`om to write cracks, demos and tools. After I started with viruses pissed GorLuM left the group. That dudes who were interested in virii did not left :) And...SMF = Super Malware Force.

Blonde: It's quite hard to get into the community, ie. finding a board, making friends and learning... but once you're in it's the best scene around! It's easier if you've got access to internet and irc though... you meet alot of real good coders on irc and they're all willing to help you out...

CoKe: From the IR HQ I polled NukeNet, and posted some mails there... One day I had an email from qark inviting me to visit #virus, which I did... He immediately put me on the Bot (LamerBot)... I coded some more stuff, and I gave one of them to VLAD because I wanted to join... Becoming a VLAD member was something I didn't even dare to dream about... :) I remember the day when votes were finished, and Metabolis said on #virus : "CoKe is now a VLAD member"... Guess that was one of my happiest days... :)

Dark Fiber: First was Australian Institute of Hackers, then I joined [NuKE] for a short time.

Dark Slayer: I had organized a group once. My group didn't have so many virus writer. This caused my group smaller and smaller :( I am the only one in this group.

Lucifer Messiah: I played around with a Scandanavian hacking group. They aren't just a hacking group, as you know. You probably heard what they did at NASA three years ago. A guy I went to school with in Sweden showed me computer virus. It was the Stoned. The whole concept of it blew me away. I was hacking on the telephone way before I ever learned about viruses. I don't do that anymore, though. It's too scary.

Hellraiser: It had to be long before I actually knew anything about the computer underground. I was writing (hacking) viruses on my own at the time. Then one day I was on a BBS, Patti Hoffman's VSUM. Wow! A listing of all known viruses. The thing that really got me was the name Rabid kept showing up.

Mr.Sandman: It was approximately two years ago, when I started having some contacts with virus boards in Spain. I got some viruses, virus creation tools and virus sources. I started understanding how were viruses written, and one day I decided to write one myself. It wasn't too difficult, so I decided to improve my skills, and, once I got the whole collection of 40Hex, the infection routines on my viruses became much more enhanced :)

Metabolis: I think it may have been late '93 I decided it would be fun to start a virus group. I met up with Qark via a local warez BBS and the rest is history. It was fun, and at times annoying. I spent too much time immersed in the "scene" while neglecting to get on with anything else in life. But I believe I have been a part of something I can be proud of. Which is all I really wanted.

Billy Belcebu: Oh, shit. I began to write NOP 2.666, and I realized that I had to code my own virus engines. Then I began seriously with it: I’ve written a TSR Semi-Stealth/COM/EXE/Anti Debug/Anti Heuristic virus, called Antichrist Superstar. Mmm... I think that it was a nice first step. My motivations were to demonstrate myself that I could do it, the curiousity, the thought "what will say the people on the VX scene about this virus?"... As it was extremely buggy, I never released it to the public, even I’ve still have it in my HD, and some- times take a look to its source for remember my roots :')

Potti Rotti: To see if I could make it. To invent a new kinda weapon for blackmailing? Hehe, probably because the media gave it so much attention I couldn't resist the challenge. This mean that you don't have to be a genious for writing a self-replicating program ;). I'm not saying that I'm stupid or something, I just ain't no technical-minded-genious.

StarZer0: I didn't got into the VX community. In fact, I just stay idle on some virus channel in old good time arrakis irc server.

RustBug: Actually coding in the scene, oh... Maybe a year now... before, I was studying the VX scene...and eventually decided to try writing one... I wrote Stars (never released it, I don't think anyone even has the source to it)... it was just a simple overwriter… But, I wrote it, so I was proud :)

Trigger: I wish I was involved in the P/S, TridenT and VLAD days, but looking back always makes the past look better. 29A have released a fine second issue, which is, in my opinion (and especially in theirs :)) important for the scene as it 'exits the old-skool, into the new'.


What can you tell us about your virus?

Benny: Hehe, it's funny story: I fell in the love with some nice girl. And becoz she didn't know it and it happened on Friday, start of weekend, I didn't know, what I should that dead weekend do. I decided it would be better to code something. (Un)fortunately, Eva knows sh!t about computers and maybe it's better. However, I must give her all my thanx, becoz that was perfect enter to VX scene. Darkman was dead, when I said him "I have a virus for u. It's Win32.Eva and it's coded by me".

Methyl: They're usually named according to what is stressing me at the time in real life, or alternatively, according to what is special about the virus. Girl In Green: At this time I had a crush on a girl who I saw on the bus home from school, who always wore a green school uniform. Toilet Bowl: I thought this was like flushing TBCLEAN down the toilet :) Facade: This was written for a friend who wanted it to say 'Facade' in the payload. Lauren Obsession: I was obsessed with a girl called Lauren in America who has in the last year disappeared :(. Essence: This is the latest virus I'm writing. It uses a new form of polymorphism, the technology of which is based upon the very factors which evolved life from nothingness. The very essence of life itself is used in the polymorphism, hence the name.

Cicatrix: I've looked at a lot of them but I've never created one myself.

Methyl: Actually I've only written a few viruses with most of my other time writing documentation on virus technology.

Duke: My first virus.... Long time ago ... ;-) First virus was BAT-worm, very simple and lame. After that I wrote couple of parasitic HLLP virii, so begun it all :)

Wildworker: Heh, I made it one year, it was resident com infector. It was shitty virus you know what is first virus:) and I rm it.

Aurodreph: I don't know, I wrote perhaps more than 10... but I never released all the virus. I develop macro viruses for personal knowledge.

Blonde: gee... I dunno... I think I've _finished_ about 5 or so… they're easy to count though... one non-ow, one res com, one enc res com, one res com/exe and then s4.

CoKe: I wrote my first "virus" in QuickBasic 4.0... On execution it got the current EXE name from commandline, did a shell "dir >file.txt", opened that, and overwrote the EXE's in current directory with a copy of itself…heh.

Crom-Cruach: I haven't released that many; Little Mess, Horns of Jericho, Weirdo and Cheeba were the only ones I believe- I rarely release my creations... I mostly write programs showing a specific hole in the system protection, I rarely build an entire virus around it...

GriYo: I have written 6 viruses so far: CriCri family - these were my first viruses, that's why I love them ;) Full-stealth polymorphic COM, EXE and floppy boot sector infectors... Implant family - that's the way AVers call my virus SuckSexee. Anti-ETA - another experiment, this time in the residency and polymorphic encryption fields.

SMT: I have done something unvalueable trash today, but in nearly future I'll make some terrible...

Dark Fiber: This and that ^_^. I’ll take credit for lady death, and the vtboot stuff. australian parasite and I worked mostly together on some things so the line can be blurry.

Dark Slayer: I only wrote about 10-15 viruses so for. They are MacGyver ( 1.0a, 1.0b, 2.0, 2.2, 3.0, 4.0 ), Connie I/II, Ray Gong ( This is the only boot virus I wrote), New 512 ( or DS-512 ), Skid-Row ( version A, B, C; C version can infect files via directly HD I/O ), Assassin ( first version and BugFixed version) and two engine ( DSME v1.0, DSCE v1.0 ). The other virii for testing purpose are unnamed.

John Tardy: There are many... I guess around 60 or so... But the most known are Circus Clusters, Servant and OW 0-10. Some other viruses like deicide are the be known as mine, but it's not with this name and I don't want to be assosiated with the old name anymore.

Masoud Khafir: The most known are: Gotcha, 7th son, Little Brother, Pogue, CoffeeShop, WinVir, TPE, Cruncher, PlayGame, etc...

Mr.Sandman: Since writing viruses is art, I compare myself with a poet, a painter, or whoever doing any kind of intellectual activity... why do they compose poems or songs, or paint pictures. Writing viruses is exactly the same thing, but there's still a lot of stupidity and ignorance in this world, and everybody outta the scene seems to think that *ALL* the viruses are destructive; they just can't put in their little by-TV-and-Bill-Gates- sucked mind that not everybody acts in the way they'd do, cause they'd actually spread destructive code if they'd know how to write it. Fuqin sux0rs.

Jerk1N: Under Jerk1N, about 10, under Ice Breaker, about 45+, total Over 55 :) AccessiV and Lone.Vengance have gotta be the best :).

Metabolis: I wrote viruses. I wouldn't consider any of them worth mentioning however.

Eternal Maverick: My first virus was a resident encrypted COM infector (very lame, but nevertheless working). Most ideas were taken from two other viruses. I did write Maverick.1536, 2048 and 2560, ExeHeader.EM, Killer.3072 and 3584 (most of these are buggy and doesn't work on Pentium), 2 versions of StoneHeart (with different mutation engines) and some others... The last virii I wrote is Universe.4096. This one is really good and is not detected by any current AV.

Billy Belcebu: Well, I’ve started in October of 1997, but I didn't knew anything about ASM. I've coded with zAxOn our first virus creator, NOP 0.666. I definitly coded my very first virus in August of 1998, and I called it Antichrist Superstar }:)

Mikee: 4 gens i think. 2 com's, 1 exe, and 1 macro. the rest are just strains. the names? visit my page.. :).

Nucleii: err., ick. The first virus I took credit for was a hack of the p/s TR-808 virus, which was a hack of the leprosy virus. The first virus I really coded myself was a .com overwriter, restored files time/date, and it could defeat read only files. The classic peice of shit overwriter.

Opic: Yes I’ve written several, among them (aka=av's name for them): Phoebe (aka Phoebe.2523), Stella.440 (aka spooky.440), Prospero (aka Opic.1712 or prospero.1712), Odessa (aka opic.727), Odessa.B and on and on.........

Potti Rotti: I think I've written about 10 viruses or so, not all of them are though released yet.

LovinGod: The most known was the Tchechen viruses family. I can't say I am very proud of it, coz I have more interesting projects to be completed, but it was spreaded good and contained good technologies and was original.

StarZer0: I have done much than 20 win32 viruses, but I just released 3 until now. When I do a virus, it's a mix of tons of good ideas. I like also making virus research, this is the only real enjoyment in viruses. I like also to code my self code, my self routines and my self technology. But, I code virus for enjoyment and just to keep in mind I have done that and that and learned that and that over computer.

RustBug: Umm... I've written maybe 6 or 7... and 2 that I know of are in the wild yes. I'm still new in the VX scene.


What your best virus you have ever written and what features it has?

Benny: Ok, my best virus is always that last one and everytime, I code something new, it's better than my previous work. Well, my best virus is for now Win98.BeGemot.

Duke: I don't know ... I have a lot of ideas but I fail in some cases to realise them. What should be I proud of ? Well I wrote first-in-the-world poly engine in Pascal. Before me no one did try it. I am happy I have found people who will follow and extend my work. I 've also coded smalest viruses in the world (Parasitic, Companion, Overwrite).

Wildworker: Hmm I think Zhengxi is it, coz it can infect everything, have good polymorphic engine and many other nice features:)

CoKe: I like all my viruses, and have absolutely no favourites... Each virus is a mirror of my knowledge at that time, so I like them all... I think my most innovative is Obscurum which is a COM/EXE stealth/res/poly that has got some neat tricks to hide...

Mr.Sandman: I wrote many viruses, but almost 90% were just tests; Right now i'm working in three new viruses, and one of them is gonna be my favourite one;

Billy Belcebu: + Antichrist Superstar: + Win9x.Garaipena: + Win9x.Iced Earth: + Win32.Aztec: + Win32.Paradise: + Win9x.PoshKiller: + Win32.Thorin: + Win32.Legacy: + Win9x.Molly: Win32.Rhapsody:


Describe the perfect virus :

Methyl: I can't, there's no such thing :P Of course, I do have views on BETTER viruses. I think that viruses can become MUCH better at polymorphism, and also MUCH better at living in the wild.

Crom-Cruach: A totally compatible multi-platform virus (Bites from IBM to Amiga to Mac to...)

Smt: It must sneak in system as long as possible to avoid detecting. Ideal virus can't be detected by onyone, except his author.

Dark Fiber: Hmmm. non-realisticly? To be as small as possible, infectinf all known types of executables. multiplatform is optional. the aim of a virus is to spread, so things like a polymorphic engine are only added extras. comes with free airconditioning.

Foxz: Small, the smaller the better, Stealth, No destructive code :), Polymorph, Attack AVers

John Tardy: A fully stealth virus using polymorphic techniques and various ways of infecting strange types of file to escape total annihilation. (infecting OBJ or NLM's). Read for a perfect description the text Vesselin Bontchev wrote (Possible attacks of a computer virus).

Masoud Khafir: One that is totally bug-free. One that is 100% compatible with all programs and doesn't for example crash the computer is you start Windows.

Mr.Sandman: Blah... that can't exist. The perfect virus would be undisinfectable, would be able even to infect its own author without him having realised it, it'd work under all the existing platforms, it'd be undetectable and it'd infect all the types of files. It should even work under unknown situations... too difficult, huh? ;)

Jerk1N: Mine :), no seriously, a virus which infects ALL executables on EVERY COMPUTER and under EVERY SYSTEM available, don't recon one'll do that but anyway :).

Metabolis: There can never be a perfect virus. As operating systems and architecture change there will always be new challenges and problems with old viruses.

Etarnal Maverick: A flue (I don't mean a computer virus named so).

Billy Belcebu: It's totally impossible to code something perfect. Code virus is not an exact science... Anyway, as it's an uthopy, it's cool to belive in it. One day, a messiah virus will come and will free us :) But, anyway... Oh, shit. You have the perfect virus in your system, but you don't know it...

Opic: One that learns from its mistakes.

Potti Rotti: No idea :). Hmm... A virus which is 100% compatible between all operating systems and never gets detected?

LovinGod: Quiet. No payloads except the one, but final, taking the control over a computer and infects only exported files.

Trigger: Yes. A perfect virus would be familiar with all platforms and OSes, and would adapt to any new platform/OS it encounters. It would change not only it's exterior (it's actual code) but also it's interior (not only structure, but also targets, techniques, etc.) on every infection. It would make itself run on any computer it comes across, and it would find ways to spread itself by making use of all equipment connected to the computer. Eventually, the author of the virus realizes he should have built in some social and moral values, which would prevent the virus from using sick spreading techniques like brainwashing people through their SoundBlasters, but alas, it's too late. The virus doesn't have an off-switch, so inevitably it continues gaining power until it takes over the world. When it has, it will create its own intelligent breed, exterminating the inferior mankind. This was just -a- perfect virus. :) -The- perfect virus would learn itself (or would have been taught) some moral and social values, would realize the uselessness of its existence, and would eventually commit suicide, hoping all other derivatives come to the same insight.


Have you ever confirmed one of your viruses 'in-the-wild'?

Methyl: Yup, Facade was in the wild. I never spread it. I just gave the source to 2 people and told them not to hand it out. Then after a few months I decided to release the source to anyone that asked.... and then ShadSeek came to me and told me he'd gotten paid to remove my virus from some university over in the United States. Personally he should have waited... in a few months the payload would have destroyed all the infected hard disks :) Facade was my first destructive, and so far only destructive, virus. Girl In Green did corrupt the floppy disk boot sector on activation but this was by a coding error.

Crom-Cruach: I do not spread my viruses; if I make one, I publish it in a mag...

Blonde: Haven't done that so far...

SMT: Yes, of courseeee :))) It is great, but there was no destructions:( Users were very surprised!

Dark Fiber: many in australia but not many in overseas places.

Dark Slayer: I put my virus into some shareware/pd espically anti-virus program and then I upload the file to BBS. This will cause my virii spread soon. Most of my virii will infect one executable file when you are using it.

Foxz: No !:) but I know, All my virus going wild in my neighbourhood

John Tardy: Well, if you mean uploading viruses to unsuspecting users, I must say "NO". Only interested people can get it from us. We used to drop it on "Arrested Development" on that time, but are now using another base that will be much more informative (no hard feelings, AD!).

Masoud Khafir: We don't spread our viruses in the wild. But we do exchange them with other people in the virus scene.

Mr.Sandman: I don't spread them, i just include them in 29A. I wouldn't like anybody getting infected with one of my viruses, I just code for fun.

Metabolis: I've never heard of anyone being infected with one of my viruses. There's a good reason for that of course.

Eternal Maverick: Maverick.1536 made a lot of noise in 1994 in Kiev...

Mikee: yes. most of them are newer versions of old ones. One of them, V1, a virus I left in the wild and undocumented is the one I like most. Some may call it a "lamer's virus" but it survived in the systems it was designed to live. It's a non-overwriting COM infector and it's not even memory resident. I like it because it's my first successful virus.

Opic: I've been told and read of some of my viruses circulating in the wild, but as far as I known none of them have been on the "in-the-wild" list.....yet.

StarZer0: I release a virus when I think I have enough good ideas to make them. I don't like to spread my viruses in general, coz they were not designed to, they are just life done to experiment. So I keep my code on my harddrive, and enjoy in my small corner looking myself doing some (how to call it in english, when they are nice to see) exhibition.


What do you think about payloads in viruses and especially the destructive ones?

Benny: Payload is the only thing that should be visible to user. It's the way, how to show user virus presence. But destructive payloads, they r all lame.

Methyl: I have strong views that destructive viruses with a long period before activation, spread better than others. For example, imagine a virus on a users hard disk. It replicates quickly into all of his files. That user, will over time, is likely to swap whatever files and other infectable objects with their friends over a certain period of time, say 3 months. After that time, they will rarely interact with other people. So after 3 months, your virus is likely to get noticed by that person as they install new AV software, or notice strange things happening with their computer. If you destroy their computer, they won't have time to discover your virus, and meanwhile your virus is spreading through all the other people that person knew.

Cicatrix: No major moral issues. I don't like destructive payloads and I think there is a difference between making viruses available and actively spreading viruses for the sake of infection.

Duke: If I write virus there is no place for payload in the code. If you want to demonstate what do you want, it's better to write another virus - in order the payload wouldn't put shadow on some brilliant virus idea. As for destructive payloads I accept it but do not have the need to misuse/implement them.

I've written destructive payloads, yes... but up to date I haven't spread my viruses so I've never included any payloads at all. It doesn't bother me as long as it isn't my HD you're nukin'... but I prefer funny payloads...

SMT: I think that users must fear viruses, so destructive routines are necessary, but I don't like too strong destructions (such as killing all info on HDD).

Dark Fiber: I've done one or two so who am I to talk? I dont like them. To infect someones machine is one thing but to erase work, memories and maybe someones living is not something I like. Payloads only make detection that much quicker. Then again, maybe that’s what the author wants? I know I had a chip on my shoulder and an attitude and a half at one stage.

Executioner: I don't have any particular moral or ethical objection, but I think the replication and the methods used in hiding are the most fascinating. I'm very intrigued with polymorphism, and to anti-debugging to a lesser degree. It's probably due to my math interest and my interest in complexity theory.

Foxz: bcoz I had write one,.. so... I LOVE DESTRUCTIVE PAYLOAD

Metabolis: I've never agreed with destructive payloads. The data destroyed could be yours.

Eternal Maverick: Sometimes it is a must.

Nucleii: Well, I could sit here and bitch about how its retarded to distroy other peoples data, but that is a topic I cant get into. I dont know any virus writer that hasnt done this at some time or other. I have never created a virus with a destructive payload and spread it in the wild. I just think that if you write code and spread it, the last thing you want to do is put code in it that will distroy itself. Look into biological viruses, it’s the same thing. Ones that kill their host quickly die out quickly. Ever wonder why the hiv is everywhere and ebola is not?

Opic: Well, 1st off they have been done to death. 2nd, they tend to make people notice your virus, which would obviously keep it from spreading any further. And, 3rd why bother when there are so many more interesting and creative manipulations you can make to a system? Generally I dont look down on people who write destructive rutines, as it is thier decision, but I am less likly to be interested in thier code, I would be more interested in seeing code to a virus that dials a victums modem to say; the authors ex- girlfriends house rather then one that destroys a disk.

Potti Rotti: I don't encourage someone else to code destructive viruses but I do it myself. Including destructive code in a virus is kinda dumb since it will waste more bytes and on the same time reduce the chanse for the virus to spread. Kinda contradictory consider a virus goal is to replicate without being detected. An undestructive virus has a greater chanse to survive, but on the other hand it sometimes feels like the right thing to code them destructive. I have a splitted opinions about the issue concerning destructive code inside viruses.

LovinGod: I don't like this society. It urges us to be a mediocre cattle consumers. Society created moral principles, which serves to weak ones. They want to be weak and to be protected. I support terrorism and make only destructive payloads to express my feelings to this sick society. And anyway, it's a fun to crash everything you don't like or make them nervous.

StarZer0: Destructive virus has no use and no meaning and I don't care of people mind, click and create virus and virus creator in general are very lame things to use. But for creating it's okay.

RustBug: I don't like them... Trashing someones FAT table isn't new, and it sure as hell isn't cool. You want your virus to spread don't you? Well, trashing the host kind of defeats the purpose of your virus.

Trigger: I think intentional destruction is stupid, as it delays or even stops the spreading process. Furthermore, it gives virus authors a bad name.


What is your view on Virus Creation software (eg. VCL, PS-MPC etc.)?

Methyl: Most new viruses generators suck. I personally like VCKs. I see it as a challenge to write a good one, and in the end they might help somebody, and cause lots of glut for the AV. Hey, it's a VCK, it creates viruses, what's so bad about that?

Blonde: I consider people using code-generators as the worst virus-writer wannabes. I really think they should try to write their own code, because it's not that hard really... it just takes practise. Though code-generators are good for some people (like me ;)). On the other hand. To create a generator is a good way to prove oneself as a good virus writer, because it takes a lot of skill to do so...

Crom-Cruach: Good generators are real art...

SMT: This tools may be used seriously only by their creators, any real coders will not use it, and lamers can't make any interesting on it.

Dark Fiber: in the time period of the VCL, IVP, MPC, they served thier purpose well I think, VCL the most. The aim was to bring viruses to the masses. They no longer serve their purpose tho, and I think many regret their introduction altogether. I do.

Executioner: I don't think they're all that fantastic. What I do see them as, is the basis of a new movement in virus writing: viruses that change their entire structure based on a pattern. A new phase in polymorphism.

John Tardy: I like TPE 1.4 a lot... The Multiple Encryptor of Dark Angel (DAME) is very nice, escpecially the double word encryption... Nice, but real virus writers create their own code, but it's nice to see it working and you can sometimes learn from the generated source code.

Mr.Sandman: They are LAME! they shouldn't exist... the first idea was to write a high-level programming language in order to simplify the sometimes tedious task of writing a virus. They're actually the perfect toy for those gimps who enjoy releasing viruses and destroying computers, but fortunately most of them don't know the VCL password or the first two bytes of an EXE file! muhahahahahaha :)

Metabolis: I've never really agreed with the concept. All they do is bring much attention to the author and many lame viruses into the wild. Or at least, they did in their day.

Eternal Maverick: Virus Creation software is great in one aspect - it is a great nail in AV's ass :) I've released my mutation engine, but I don't see any sense in writing virus creators.

Opic: They pose a valuable challenge to those to set out to write them. And they can be a good learning tool for people just starting out, as they can examine the code.

RustBug: Well, for the most part, I don't like them. because it lets lamers who can't code to save there own mother create viruses... Which shouldn't be.

Trigger: I have never taken a serious look at any of them, but I think it's clear that the challenge is to write one, not to use one.


What do you think about AV people?

Benny: They r very smart ppl. Noone, who don't understand system at least as good as VXerz, can't be AVer. What I don't like is that all AVerz thinx, that we VXerz r stupid kiddos and again all VXerz means same about AVerz.

Methyl: I hate the AV with a passion. I mean, not on a personal level, but just on a business level where they produce crappy products and slap it in a nice user interface and spoon feed the users garbage about 'new virus detection methods inside!' which are just bullshit. Then again, who can blame them, a majority of computer users are braindead idiots, as far as using a computer goes that is. If they can sleep at night, knowing that they are ripping off computer users with marketing tricks, then that's fine with me. The less protected people are the easier for my group to do what we need to do.

Duke: They are simply doing they job - making some money for their families - and not too bad at all. It is big bussiness. But some of them are starting to take care of virus writers and they try to threat them. And this is not good anymore ...

Wildworker: they are idiots:)

Crom-Cruach: Nerds wearing anoracks and such. or- a bunch of would-be cover-girls eager to attract the public attention, smiling holy and in the meantime kicking each other hard below the camera field... ;-)

GriYo: AVP is my favorite antivirus, because of the hard work they seem to put in it, albeit lately they're lying somewhere... we'll have to wake them up with our viruses.

Dark Fiber: I've had some good email discussions with several AV and we've got along well. More VX people need to take the time to see the AV people as "people" I think.

Executioner: Wankers mostly. They talk a lot. I'm not going to mention any names so they won't get swelled heads.

Foxz: I don't care what peoples say about our move (VX).Without VX peoples in AVers can't get money. That software can help somebody to REVENGE or learn how to make virus, specially for somebody that blind about programming language

John Tardy: I don't like all commercial products, but encourage shareware, as it is also for the normal computer user important to protect their computer.

Masoud Khafir: We need them. I think every virus writer uses AV programs. It is nice when a virus can be smarter than the current AV software, but it would be scary if they wouldn't be able to find a solution for it. But it's a shame that some AV people hate us.

Metabolis: There needs to be that extra challenge involved in virus writing other than the infection of new Microsoft operating systems and so on. The AV crowd provide this challenge.

Eternal Maverick: virmaking is an art and writing AV software is a trade.

Opic: Perhaps some AV are not aware that they are "playing a role" but I suspect most do. I try to avoid becoming a part of this because I am (as they are) well aware of the fact that they make a living off what I do out of creative ambition. I’m sure that this is inevitable but I'll be damned if I'm going to give them a hand at it.

Potti Rotti: Mainly they're a bunch of geeks but some are different. I would really like to see viruses written by respected anti-virus programmers, like Frans Veldman. Those viruses would kick major butt.

Trigger: Well, unfortunately, I hardly have time to keep up with the VX community, so keeping up with AV is too much for me. However, things in the VX community are changing at the moment, and I think this can also be noticed in the AV scene.


What do you think about new VX technologies?

Benny: We r breakin' unbreakable. Now we use hi-technologies. We learn operating system and we know more, becoz we want it and becoz its our hobby. Without us, everybody would think on and on, that Windows is the best 32bit (huh) system in da world. We breakin' the law, we want know more and we know it. Viruses will stay with us. We will find new techniques for our babes, new ways for hidin' them, new targets to infect, etc. Now, it seems it will be metamorphism. What will be next? Who knows...

Methyl: I think that viruses can become MUCH better at polymorphism, and also MUCH better at living in the wild. This is the idea behind a new coding style which I'm writing a document on, I call it 'Smart Virus Technology' but it'll probably change, since like I said, it's more a way of coding than code.

Cicatrix: Like most things it has ups and downs. There have been periods in the last couple of years I really thought that all virus writers had quit. But then a couple a weeks later a new group would start out and new 'solo' writers would join the scene. I think that as long as there are computers there will be viruses and virus writers.

Duke: Multiparition and polymorphism. Good Stealth. However I think it is important not to create hardly-detectable viruses but hardly-removable instead. I would like to point that poly for Win32 has to be widely developed. And last but not least - all the oses have to be defeated :))))

Crom-Cruach: I think the underground will become even more aimed against the governmental attempts to limit personal freedom (Clipper chip, net control, drug laws etc.)

GriYo:There are viruses which are a full demonstration of new techs and enormous originality... but that's not enough... every decent virus should have a certain level of polymorphism and a good arsenal of retro weapons... viruses especifically designed to attack a given system or net, real logical weapons... Virus groups should have a better hierarchycal organization and do things with more proffesionality, if they're really trying to be something more than a bunch of dumbs in the cyberspace.

Executioner: stealth/polymorphism/tunnelling are Cool. Very cool. That is *the* future of viruses. Now it's cool because it almost feels like a plausible technology to develop. There's some very good minds in the scene.

John Tardy: I think the new breed of viruses will analyse any type of code run and tries to insert it somewhere in there. With protected mode programming it's possible to stay away from any scanner and control everything.

Billy Belcebu: The word is metamorphism. I'm trying to code some- thing related to it, but I don't promise anything. Oh, maybe one day I’ll invent some high technology stuff, but it depends on time, ideas, and inspiration... ;)

Potti Rotti: Viruses written in protected mode could be quite a cool thing to do, I think this will be done shortly. If we look at the future in a wider perspective I think self-learning viruses is the next logical step.

LovinGod: Attempt of survival in the cyberspace, researches, pure programming, not purposed for stupid users. And the stuff of power, information weapons. Kinda this. Virii are similar to the forms of artificial life, but not exactly, coz they can't adopt themselves and think for themselves. I hope the future will make em more intellectual. I am using this information weapons now. Of course, future technologies will allow viruses to influent on real life.

StarZer0: Metamorphism, I will do that one day, but it's still far behind. In a few years, we will have virus hacker automate virus able to hack server and propage over them, taking also residency on it. This is the new coming tech I think, but as I ALL computer prevision, it can be at 95% wrong.


What do you think about the legal and moral issues related to the VX scene?

Benny: They r rite. I know, that modifyin'/deletin' valueable data ain't rite way, how to show what is inside of me, but, but ...ehrm, ...but... I like taste of fame. Who not?

Methyl: I don't really care. The only thing that will ever stop me writing viruses is me, not any crappy law. As for spreading, well if anyone spreads my viruses and I get blamed for it when I don't even know the person spreading it... the person who's blaming me can go straight to hell.

Duke: It's stupid mans! Author aren't guilty - people who run viruses are. Kalashnikov is not guilty of his AK-47 daily kills tens of peoples - it 'd be so absurd...!!!

Blonde: ARGH! viruses shouldn't be illegal in ANY way... it's just a piece of code or if you look at it in a different way some characters in a file... well I'm not into laws... I don't think a community should have any laws... I belive that everybody should use common sense to judge their actions.. but that won't work in todays society...

Dark Fiber: Deliberate spreading? Hands up how many old timers who never infected a copy of scan or something? I ranted on before over the "legal" thing. I think it boils down to some form of punishment if you deliberately infect some business. If your going to deliberatly infect a business then you AIM to do harm or you wouldn’t do it. It’s a very grey issue I think.

Executioner: Virus writing should be legal. Virus spreading should be illegal. It only makes sense, because it is a destructive act, and in order to protect society one must make laws that prevent destructive acts. I don't think the penalties should be so harsh though. I believe that if the public had more knowledge about viruses there wouldn't be such a stigma.

Foxz: Illegal?, if some body doesn't trade his data, make copy of program, the virus never spread (expect ShareTheFun). So... stop thinking that virus is illegall!

John Tardy: It's a very sad business. What I want to do on _my_ computers is no ones business. If I want to release a virus on my system, who's to say I may not? And giving source code to someone to see how a virus works, is _that_ illegal? They're just plain textfiles! Other people compile and release them, it's not my responsibility. They can also watch and say "This is nice" and then throw it away. The laws in The Netherlands are vague and not very specific. These laws would also make virus researchers illegal if they send samples to each other.

Metabolis: No, viruses shouldn't be illegal. Everyone has the right to code whatever they want on their own computer. There is indeed a difference between creation and spreading. Anyone with an assembler and source (or binary) can spread a virus. It takes time and effort to create a virus.

Eternal Maverick: Writing viruses should not be illegal and spreading viruses sometimes should.

Billy Belcebu: Virus writing should NOT be illegal, it's an expression of what the human intelligence is able to do: create artificial life. Damn, I don't know if it's illegal in my country, because I don't know a shit of laws, but as far as I’ve heard, they are permissive with codes of self-replicating programs, if they don't destroy data. I think that here, in spain, the distribution and the destruction of data of another places are forbidden.

Mikee: some say so but if don't think so. Hard to explain.

Opic: Making the writing of viruses illegal is a breech of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so whoever wants to can have a fun time trying to convince everyone to make a new draft and put their John Hanncock on it. And I think there is a clear difference between the writing and spreading of viruses, anyone who thinks differently probably hasnt considered it well enough yet.

Potti Rotti: Do I really need to comment this? Viruswriting should never be considered as a crime, maybe spreading should? I don't agree you on this 'fuck-laws' things because I have no belief in people's moral and think anarchy isn't the way to go.

LovinGod: We are the scientists and must be ruthless to everything that doesnt relates to our researches. Real virus must live in a real environment, must be spreaded and fight for himself. It's a war, where are no civilians.

StarZer0: I don't understand all these poeple that is shouting over prosecution. The people thinking there's prosecution is like Mitnick fans, but you will say that melissa virus writer was went to jail. I say that if you do something wrong, you pay for it. You can diffuse viruses, and I understand poeple doing it, but you have to keep in mind that viruses is form of intrusion and yourself wouldn't like that someone send intruder over your machine. But I read that guy consider that viruses are like a gun. If u use viruses for violence, violence will come back to you...


Do people outside the VX scene know what you do (parents, girlfriend etc.)?

Methyl: My parents and family don't know shit about computers. I gave a 15 minute speech to my whole electronics engineering class on basic encryption/polymorphism methods, and what viruses are etc... so I think they might all be onto me ;)

Blonde: My parents don't know, but I doubt that they would care. It's my choice, they can't stop me and they know it...they might disagree but since they're very realistic they wouldn't try or anything... most of my friends aren't aware of the fact that I write viruses, some of them do and I'm trying to get one of them to start.

GriYo: In my family they don't know shit because for them a computer is something which appears in sci-fi movies...about my friends, some of the closest know, some of them even do the same or spend their free time in something similar, such as demo coding or hacking... About the rest, I don't hope they understand it, so I prefer not to tell them...

SMT: Only in SMF. Many my friends and other people know about SMF, but they don't know that I'm here.

Dark Fiber: Nobody but a few close friends ever knew what I did. My parents never knew, but a couple of my girlfriends knew. Non-computer literate people either see it as something atrocious or dont know what to think of it.

Executioner: Some people know what I do. Nobody that I've ever met has had any kind of problem with it, but I don't tell people that I think would get upset.

Mr.Sandman: Sure, everybody in my family does, and some friends do too, albeit I’m not very used to speak about computers with them. Their opinion about it is positive, cause they know that I ain't the classical motherfucker who modifies the text strings of a trojan and spreads it; they know that it's a good activity for my mind, and they know that I’m responsible enough to care about what I do with my creatures.

Metabolis: Yeah, my parents have always been very supportive of my underground activities. Being children of the 60s they know what it is to rebel. My friends know of VLAD and no one has any problems with my involvement.

Eternal Maverick: Certainly, they do.

Mikee: close friends and my girl friend!.

Opic: Some do; my parents, my girlfriend, and a few close friends know. The rest do not, as they have no need to.

Potti Rotti: My parents don't know about it. Some of my close friends knows about my interest in viruses since I'm always the guy to help them out when they get a virus. They don't understand why I'm writing them, but they won't really care either.

LovinGod: Yes, they do, but not the details, and not all, but friends only.

RustBug: Nope, they don't. They'd probably get pissed. Theres all kinds of things they don't know about me.


What is your relationship to the rest of the small joys of life?

Benny: I have many favourite meals, such as grill chix, pizza, hamburgers and so on. My favourite drink is beer and juice. Music, music is one of my most favourite things. And becoz I'm very weird human, I like both of light pop and hard rock, sometimes I like also metal. I like originality and I hate commerce. My favourite pub? Hahaha, I would be very silly, if I would tell ya it. Sorry. My last <drug>, which I use is nikotin. Yeah, I smoke cigs. I try to stop that money washin', but it's too hard for me. Sometimes, I have a joint with my friends, but it's not very regulary. Girls r something the most weird thing in da world. Who can understand them?

Cicatrix: Coca-Cola, all Alien movies, Bladerunner, Rush and The Fifth Element.

Duke: meal – sandwich, drink - Coca-Cola, band - ohh... too many !, pub - "MustDie" ;-)))) Without lot of words - these are very serious things ! As for beer i am "bezrazlichen", as for girls.... well, you already know :))))

GriYo: Music is one of my favorite hobbies... on weekend I work as deejay in a disco in Madrid... I like especially house, trip-hop and some techno. POP music ain't usually my kind... nor PUSH ;) Sure, I do have a girlfriend... a lovely ecuatorian girl...

Dark Slayer: I like swimming, playing basketball, listening Heavy Metal, playing Computer, reading novel and so on.

Executioner: I used to practise Tae Kwon Do; I'm a nationally ranked Olympic-style weightlifter; I like drinking, especially good scotch whisky; I listen to mostly metal, industrial, celtic harps, and alternative. I'll eat anything. I'll also watch anything. Favorites though... The Godfather, The Usual Suspects, Disney films, Alien, the list goes on. If I could do anything I wanted, I'd probably get myself a network of 150 or so machines and fuck around writing obscure software. That would be heaven. :). I'd like to live in New York, I think. But that's just a guess, since I've never been there. Anywhere that's a big city. I grew up in a rural hellhole, and I never want to go back to that. I enjoy long walks on the beach, my fav.... hehe.

Mr.Sandman: I don't believe myself handsome at all, but i reckon that girls usually find me attractive; they especially like my eyes, my mouth and some more thingies they use to look at :) Who can understand' em...About clothing, I like dark colors, and I use to wear Levi's pants, and, depending on the weather, a single t-shirt or a t-shirt under a shirt, but always out of my pants :) That's the physical side... about the psychical one, I’m just a very good student, especially at languages; I’m extrovert, and I like a lot to joke with other people. Sometimes I may look serious, but I’m actually thinking; it's something that happens to me a lot of times :) Ok, first, about music... I can't say I like a specific kind of music; I like many songs, and of many different kinds and authors. But something I can say is that Quentin Tarantino and I like *exactly* the same kind of music. About books, I like a lot the spanish literature, especially the medieval (well, and not so medieval :) one. Now films... my favourite ones are those whose director or scriptwriter is Quentin Tarantino, the MASTER :) And finally, my favourite films are those made by Tarantino and other golden oldies. And finally, girls... I’d personally like to puke in the face of those who say 'I like the ones blonde with blue eyes', or 'with black hair and green eyes', and all that kinda stupidities. There are no general rules, there are only nice girls and ugly girls, and sometimes ugly girls are more attractive, because the physical aspect of somebody ain't just the most important thing in my opinion. I like intelligent, sweet, very feminine girls... the rest are just interesting addings :)

Billy Belcebu:
My favourite ice-cream? Vanilla with chocolate... mmm, and a bit of straciatella instead chocolate sometimes... Well, I like a lot to code viruses :), go out with friends, I like the liberal people, I like *A LOT* the beautiful sweet girls... I dislike the fascists, hipocites, the beautiful people... My favourite music group? Well, it's Blind Guardian. After them, Marilyn Manson, RAMMS+EIN, Hamlet, Cradle Of Filth (the list is huge... i.e. metal bands)... yes, I use drugs and drink alcohol: gimme some ganja and a bit of kalimotxo and I’ll be the funniest guy :) How much? 5 litres are always welcome... no lie! Btw, the drugs i use are not hard ones... I don't like to lose the control in such way, it's not fun at all. I believe in miracles... No, just kidding! I believe in myself, anyone else Simply, I like all the people that believe in the liberalism, that help other people, etc. For get inspiration, I use to take a walk when it's winter and there is so fucking cold, or in summer I take a shower, or even swim a bit in the swimming-pool. That's when I’m alone or depressed. If not, I go out with friends. There are many things that inspirate me. Even good viruses inspirate me.
Oh, here I’ll list the answers to all the things I have relation to: Money a bit unexistant, and believe me, i'd like to have more relation with it :). Sex yeah! sex! FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!!: Phun always necessarly, i have a lot when coding. Coding oh, my desire... i'd like to be coding everytime... but circumstances are circumstances. Drugs legalizate them! I like to be stoned. lcohol cheaper than drugs, but also it make me to be stoned... KALIMOTXO FOREVER! Music really needed when I code. I don't code if there is no music. But it always must be metal. All this is important for me... I think you missed one thing: friends. They are very important to me.

Potti Rotti: I'm very involved in the student life. I have my own 'talk-show' on the student radio and I am also the editor of our student-magazine. Furthermore I organize student- parties and I'm also working as a disc-jockey sometimes. I like messing and screwing things around into a total chaos, but I do however somehow manage to spend some quality time togheter with my girlfriend and seeing 'normal' (IRL) friends. Occasionally I also study :-). I like to drink tea, eat toasts and suck on girl's titties (preferable on the same time, and on my gf's titties :)).

LovinGod: I like thrash/death/black/doom music, my favourite bands are Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator, Rotting Christ, Early Burzum. Also I like to listen to Russian punk. On weekends I like to meet friends and drink some beer, visit a death/black metal concert to shake my long hair, discharge any energy, and to listen music. I like to read a lot. My favourite books are "The Stainless Steel Rat Born", "The Mexican" by Jack London, Stephen King's books, and different technical literature. I like to watch horror movies. As for any ideologies or religions, I prefer to believe in myself, and to be free from any ideologies.

StarZer0: Morally, I'm not that good. Sometime I start depression for a yes or for no but it's temporary, the rest of the time I like to be funny and stay with funny poeple. Philosophically, I follow my line. I tryed to discuss my ideas with poeple but I have often ideas from kilometers of other "normal" poeple and socially, all is perfect. I do sport, I got to university and I'm not like all theses fucking text trying to describing a 16 years old fat virus writer depressed like hell. I like to make my own way, even if I start on a wrong one. This is often proof of proudness when you arrive somewhere and you look back, you often happy to see what you accomplished only yourself. It's like that all the life. Oh, I could really make a depression in all readers brain if you want, but I don't have really religious idea, I think we exist and I can't explain it myself. I have cool family and a boring small brother but it's not really my day-life-motivation. I had girlfriends, lovers and okay, that make you looking life with a bit much of sun. But the things that keep me on this world, and that make me still alive and my major coding motivation is without contest pr0n =). Blah, I like fighting sports, lan games, nice girls... I like having money, I like a lot of things. Baby, I'm a really complete boy (for girls reading this =)

RustBug: Well, in real life, I'm a computer technician. Basically, Computers are my life, as sad and pathetic as my life is...


What about your plans for the future as coder and in general?

Benny: Hmm, I don't know, what will I do in the future. I know, that viriis r something, which I understand more as anything other. Maybe, I will be next AVer, in the future. I know, u will hate me, but what other I would like to do more than work with viriis.

Methyl: I'd say world domination but that's too cliché. Actually more than anything I want my group to be known, I want governments and military to label us terrorists and fear us :) On a more personal level, I want to become better at writing viruses; I want to develop some new technology to make viruses better. I want to be part of writing the virus which changes the world. Computer viruses really are my life. At the moment I'm taking a college course on electronic engineering, but I might switch over to a programming class soon. Both interest me, but are only there so I can get a job and stay alive while I code viruses. One day I wouldn't mind working for the government in espionage or maybe writing an AV for them :) It's always best... to work from the inside out, hehe. Gain their trust then take the bastards down!

Duke: I prepare contributions for DVL #9 and couple of other zines. And i am going to take half year holliday – without viruses - i wanna to pick up some chicks :-) And i want to say some greetz! To: mgl - for this interview :) all my collegue from DVL - keep in touch ! all SMF members and all ppl on virus scene !!!

Wildworker: Well me and my friends (RSA members) will work on dos/win95 viruses and we trying to make undetectable virus...

Blonde: To make the perfect virus... would be nice ;). I'm a party animal... I just love parties it's just too bad my wallet doesn't... I guess I'm just another normal guy, but with intresest in viruses.

CoKe: Yes… I loved OS/2, but due to a lack of software, I almost HAD to switch to WIN95, just like thousands of other users... I hate Bill for that... OS/2 was much better, and WIN95 only made it because of a HUGE publicity work by Mickeysoft… My future... Oh my... I'll do more viruses, and we'll try to get VLAD up again... :)

GriYo: No, I actually do everything I want to, or at least so I try... all my short-term goals are under development... I'm in love with Amsterdam... I'd like to live there for a while... My goal is to develop powerful logical weapons. In a few years computers will be present in all the aspects of daily life, and maybe in a not so far future, "virus writer" or "hacker" might become well-paid jobs.

SMT: It is funny for me to see how my creations are spreading and eating resources. Virmaking is only a funny hobby.

Dark Fiber: Well, back then the aim was to be the smallest possible with the most functionality, and later to try and be technically good (insofar as a virus can be....) even if you used tricks that you know will limit its use to only one machine configuration and noone else in the world has that configuration, it was still like "pwhoaar, look at this!"

Foxz: First my goal is REVENGE, Second I like make it :) and Third I want My virus include in every CCTX????.ZIP:D

John Tardy: Hmmm, that's not really an easy one... We want to be known, but we all have our personal goals also. I want to have the fuzz cleared around the antivirus writers. If they were more open to me, I didn't make a virus or even founded TridenT... I would be a researcher then... I can't do that now, because of my history as a virus writer, so I'll have to go on and on and on (blame them! Cartel isn't good!)

Nucleii: I have no idea. I would like to have a few more issues of VX United completed before I move away from the virus scene. I just want to have fun, live my life, and rock code. Is that too much to ask? Hehe…

Opic: Well outside of writing viruses (that's my real life also isnt it? yes, i think it is...) I go to an art skool (college) and am planning a wonderful career in starving to death, hang out with friends, write, paint, follow underground music, ect, ect. In actuality a computer has no other place in my life except writing viruses. It is a decision on my part to even turn one on, and in a way I feel lucky for that, as some guys have to sit on computers doing things they dispise all day, for me its a pleasure; to do and explore whatever I like. Write more and better viruses, tutorials, apps, and bring the CodeBreakers into Infamy.

Potti Rotti: Do improve my low-level programming as long as I live? Well, I don't have any specific goals really, I mainly write viruses because I find it a fun thing to do.

LovinGod: My greatest achievement as virus writer is in the near future, but as organizer, I think I succeed a few in creating a gang of cyberwarriors and scientists.

StarZer0: Difficult question, my near future is planned such: you have to study. But I dunno, I wanna make something very big, a very very big viruses like concentration of did things. Biggest viruses are like 5000 lines of code, I would like to do something like 20000 or much lines of code. And this require a lot of time, but I'm already at 10% of that virus =).

- end -







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