I love you […but do you know what love really means?]
Caleb Waldorf


"I love you but..".6.1 MB quicktime movie


"I love you […but do you know what love really means?]" is an installation video montage explicitly created for the I love you [rev.eng] exhibition. In tandem with the exhibition, the video montage brings together a panoply of material from independent and mainstream hacker/virus documentaries, news media coverage, and independent interviews to demonstrate the wide ranging viewpoints regarding hackers and computer viruses in contemporary culture. What role do hacker’s see themselves playing in society? How does the media represent the phenomenon of viruses? How do governments and corporate entities react to the increased threat of cyber terrorism? Hackers, network theorists, current and former government officials, and industry experts address the complexity of these issues in a society ever increasingly reliant on computers as the primary means of information transmission, collection, and control.

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