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Info: The festival for electronic music in Turku/Finland, called "Koneisto" has allowed itself a mixture between an information website and a conceptual mess. The graphical concept by art directors Antii Hintula and Teemu Suviala links information in legible typography with weird drawings and cut out repetitions of graphical elements. Via a menu area one can call up different categories about the festival. None of the subordinated pages is reproduced as a whole on the browser window, though, and the user has to scroll to and fro to see the actual content. The process is accompanied by sudden disturbances and blacking outs that, however, can be removed by a mouse click. To the whole thing are set indefinable sound traces, and after a lengthy search within the different pages the ambitioned concept turns out to be an affected bore.
author Soumi Design: Antii Hinkula / Teemu Suviala
plugins Flash 5
programming language Html
entry date 04-05-2001
production date 01-01-2000