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url: http://www.afterlab.com

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Info: What Afterlab actually is, thatīs a question one asks very quickly. If one takes a look at this site, there are only nebulous explanations about the project. The user is confronted with an extremely tiny, diffusely-arranged graphic, that is composed of small superimposing and patchwork-like connected hot spots, icons and pictures. In turn this leads you to small animations and other little things. Although nothing here is really predictable - actually quite the opposite, that there are difficulties to view the site completely in the browser window - the graphical presentation remains interesting and very harmonious.
author Markus Gronvold/Torfinn Sundem/Svein Erik Okstad/Vegard Bjorlykke/Jeanette Arkvik/Andrude Sjoberg/Eskild Trulsen
plugins Shockwave
programming language Html
entry date 02-07-2001
production date 01-11-2000
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