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Info: This site could strongly appeal to cable fetishists and would-be psychologists. The graphics bureau Honest uses this peculiar mix of “Rohrschach-Test” ink spots and mysterious cable connections as a continuous pattern on its site. In an intelligent manner this stringently kept aesthetics plays with associations such as connection and brain. Even though on this page we seem to deal with playings that are not really connected regarding their content, Honest has managed to render them creatively opulent and slightly baroque.
author Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion, Stella Bugbee
Copyright Copyright © 2001-2002 Honest
Country USA
programming language HTML and Flash
entry date 17-01-2002
production date 01-07-2001
Additional Information The inkblots came from the desire to create organic shapes and movement for our new website. Initial sketches were extreme hydroponic organic without any concrete concept. There were a lot of animated blobs undulating over themselves. These seemed too abstract but looked great and like inkblots (as nonsense tends to look). I quickly and obviously jumped on the inkblot idea. We had recently changed our studio's name from AGENDA to HONEST. Inkblots and Honest worked together for many reasons, but the ease in which I came across the idea and the obviousness of it, made me abandon the Rorschachs. I spent another few months looking for other ideas. None seemed to work as well as the inkblots, so I revisited the idea making the animations of the rorschachs less abstract, i.e. a couple doing aerobics for the "honest work" section of our website