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Info: To pep up the website of the hearing aid manufacture association (“Forum besser hören”), their creators have thought out the so-called Audiorama. The sound-based chat in particular is very pleasing. After having chosen a character and a room (a shower for instance or a confessional), you can type in messages to the other users, who are then able to hear them. Besides that there are also further “experience rooms” showing, in a graphically valid manner, acoustic laws, such as for instance the connection between the echo and the size of a room. Who wants can moreover undergo a hearing test or train its memory at the sound memory game.
author Fork Unstable Media GmbH
plugins Flash 5
programming language flash 5, PHP, MySQL, DHTML, Ming
entry date 05-02-2002
production date 10-2001
Additional Information Forum Besser Hoeren is a German association of manufacturers of hearing aids founded in 2000. The intention of Forum Besser Hoeren is to provide aurally handicapped people, their families as well as ear specialists with up to date general and scientific information. With the website www.forumbesserhoeren.de and especially with the Audiorama the association's aim is to increase the awareness of the gift of hearing, all too often taken for granted.