Testimony: A Story Machine

url: http://www.myballoonhead.com/storymach.html

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Info: “Testimony: A Story Machine” is a nice try to pep up the traditional comic, consisting of panels, with the interactivity the internet offers. What came out is an interactive comic consisting of 7 scenes the user can have an influence on by determining and changing the images. By clicking on the image edged orange the user reaches the next level, here particularly the intermezzi are well worth seeing. Honestly the concept does not function in every attempt, but still the page is worth a visit, since the graphics as well as the navigation are very originally done and therefore to be recommended, moreover this is a prototype, which will be enlarged in the near future.
author Simon Norton
plugins Flash 5
programming language Flash 5, Actionscript
entry date 12-02-2002
production date 11-01-2001