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Info: The famous post production firm “digit digit”, working for customers like Nike and Coca Cola, surprises with an unconventional and odd web appearance full of gloomy humour. After the intro, where an ant-eater is cut into two pieces, the user arrives at the start page. Here he finds a strange mixture of items (a rubber doll, a chewed chewing gum, a dead cockroach…). All these things represent different menu points, which are activated when the respective item is pulled into a circle in the middle. Again and again the firm’s initials “dd” appear like a swarm of ants. Sometimes they follow the cursor, sometimes the visitor crushes them in order to see the list of customers, then again they scurry about the old chewing gum. This site consciously works with the play instinct and has therefore a high fun potential.
Copyright Fingers10 Ltd.
Country Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
plugins Flash 5, Quicktime
programming language Flash Action Script, JavaScript, HTML, XML
entry date 10-04-2002
production date 02-02-2002