Conspiracy Games

url: http://www.conspiracygames.com/

„Conspiracy games" is the homepage of a game agency of same denominator in Santa Monica, USA. They provide information on their products to fans. The design of the page is rather tight and technoid. It was done by a swedish group called „Fantasy interfaces" who embedded a lot of sound- and animation effects. Anywhere the visitor goes he finds small gimmicks, animated buttons, roboter´s extremities arm out, an android servant floats above a spaceship-style monitor... the page´s graphic design all resembles a current computer game. Short game-episodes are accessible whose task may be to find a hidden button in order to disarm a bomb. At large „Conspiracy games" is a felicitous website that accomplishes to transfer typical computergame-design to the web format, a task that is both demanding and complex.
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entry date 16-07-2002
production date 11-07-2002