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Brittle Bones

url: http://www.brittle-bones.com/

Morbid worlds, undeads, nightmare sceneries, all implemented in elaborate photomontages and often provided with animations are the main features of „Brittle bones": this page created by webdesigner Marc Stricklin is a free project that he uses as a platform to launch various works. The photomontages recall morbid wax works from the turn of the century. They serve as the background for animations whose black humour is outstanding. A simple menu lets the visitor click through various sites, each nested to the other, always providing something new to discover. Stricklin contrasts to other pages by dusty - dirty images that don´t avoid off-limit topics such as aging and death - in contradiction to colorful, clean youngster´s pages in a vector-based style. Too bad we often find his pages packed with so much stuff it is hardly possible to read the petty letters that make up texts and poems, put in between the images. Yet positive impressions outweigh: a consistent use of the picture language makes this page a self-contained universe of entertaining horror.
entry date 17-07-2002
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