Abnormal Behaviour Child

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„Abnormal Behavior Child", italian wegdesigner Niko Stumpo´s portofolio page consists of two parts: the first one presents different projects while the second, called „kill zone", is a chaotic universe, composed of interweaved photographies, animations, flash applications and graphical and cartoon-like elements. The visitor is apparently lost and does not manage to control his navigating through the page, something that, in the beginning, gives a strange sensation in respect of his/ her mood. Stumpo does not consider himself a designer but an artist, although he had been working for mainstream companies such as Nike or MTV. What sounds like a stereotyped statement turns out to be legitimate in his case, since his works are created from a painter´s point of view: his palette is simply expanded by the means of new media. Stumpo generates his own stylistic language, a language that is equally youngish, diverse and full of poetry. Conventional criteria such as easy appliance or transfer of content do not matter in this type of work.
author Niko Stumpo
Copyright Niko Stumpo
Country Italien
plugins Flash
programming language flash scripting
entry date 22-08-2002
production date 01-01-1998