url: http://www.notsosimpleton.com

Myron Campbell, a canadian designer, uses his website to create an oneiric atmosphere. This atmosphere is supported by a collage kind of design that intentionally plays with surrealistic elements. This rather weird ambience is enforced by a sound loop that continously plays a buzzing.

Campbellīs portofolio is divided into two subpages: one shows his remittance works, the other onehis free works. Both parts feature a scurrile menu on the left (remittance works) resp. right (free works) side. A well-elaborated animation goes with the switching between the two pages: new sounds are added to the music, suddenly puppets appear - one with angelīs wings (at the remittance works page) and one with a suite (at the free works page). Mandatory contents like "News" and "CV" are situated at the static, horizontal menu bar, as well as the buttons for switching between the pages.
author myron campbell
Copyright myron campbell
Country canada
plugins quicktime, acrobat, flash, shockwave
programming language actionscripting, html and javascript
entry date 11-10-2002
production date 27-09-2002