The Kasander Film Company

url: http://www.kasanderfilm.nl/

This website, presenting the company of film maker Kees Kasander, establishes its menu along a road which the user passes by with a figure that has initially been chosen. The figure is controlled with the cursor keys, like in an old computer game, and not with the mouse. This concept has been combined with very coloured, pop-kind of graphics that evidently refer to flipper machines from the 70ies, hong kong ads and old school arcade games. This and more surprises make sure that surfing through this website will not be simply retrieving information but more likely a fun thing to do.
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entry date 09-01-2003
production date 08-07-2002
Additional Information The site has been showcased in ComputerArts, CreateOnline, Items, and will appear in a PIE book, a Japanese book on coolest web navigation.