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Info: dub is a company dealing with the organization and the design of web sites. Their site distinguishes itself through a funny charm, that comes over, for example, through the combination of the hard rock song "Eye of the Tiger" and the pop-up main menu. With simple graphical means an interesting mood is created and held here.
author dub
Copyright dUb media a/s
Country Norway
plugins Java, Flash
programming language Html, JavaScript, Java, Flash
entry date 19-03-2001
production date 01-10-1999
Additional Information dUb S p i r i t dUb An Internet Agency focussing on Web Design, Web Marketing and Web Concept Building. dUb Production Mission Recent studies indicate that the typical “net surfer” views a single web page for an average of only 10 seconds! The statistics also suggest that 90% of Internet traffic is generated by a petty 5% of all web sites. The mission is to achieve exposure and attention for dUb productions by: adding a touch of wittiness – distinguishes dUb productions from others communicating in a functional and to-the-point fashion - enhances viewer’s experience as he is able to achieve goals effectively. dUb Identity Mission To create a brand that stands for idiosyncratic commercial creativity. dUb Credo Eight adjectives to encapsulate the dUb Spirit.