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Info: The menu of „voice interactive“ is created as a friendly and playful intro. For this "Non Government Organisation" from Canada that supports, through different activities, the rights of young people and young girls ins particular, the graphics bureau Neopolitan has put animated human 3D figures into a playful, surreal landscape. These young people sitting together represent the single page contents and show, through posters, what hides behind them. The presented projects can be called up extensively on the subpages and are in part constructed specifically for the web. Creatively a different way has been chosen: The creators work a lot with writings, which sometimes has an unclear and affected effect. Despite these objections this site will probably address the young target group with success, since it has mainly been avoided to curry favour with the design, trying in most cases all too obviously to “catch” young people and, by doing so, rather frightening them away.
author Neopolitan Entities
plugins Flash 5, Real Player
programming language Java programming, Flash
entry date 24-01-2002
production date 14-06-2001