Lorenzo Fonda & Davide Terenzi:
Their Circular Life

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Just like life is - Lorenzo Fonda about the concept, the idea and the development of Their Circular Life:

The idea was born in May of 2001, with the purpose of doing something for that big project Threeoh was doing, the 1st May Reboot. I was thinking a lot about what the web was producing at the time: so many marvellous sites with tons of graphic design but no idea or concept behind. Nothing remained in my mind after leaving those sites, nothing to think about. I don't believe that the people behind those sites had nothing interesting to say.simply they weren't interested in expressing their thoughts through the web. I was. And I was searching a way to do it in the most simple and direct way, just to show that you don't need miles and miles of vectors to comunicate something.
So I tried to work on a concept.

I don't remember what I was into at the time, but I ended up thinking about those moments when you find yourself in the middle of a place that during the day is filled with people, and in the night is completely empty, and again like this forever (maybe I found myself in one of those moments). I decided that was what I wanted to comunicate: people's life and ist endless circles, and how city places live a life of their own based on our needs.
The problem now was finding a good way to explain this idea: who can tell you better what happens in a place than the place itself? So the "narrators" of life were chosen, they were the urban infrastructures.

The user was going to witness a complete day from the same point of view (the infrastructure's one), so he could turn himself into an external observer of the cycle of life. The mediums were going to be photography, sound, written words and some little graphic design. And the tool to put everything toghether was Flash.

I started laying down ideas and doing sketches, and I saw that it could become something good, so I gave up with the Reboot idea and took my time to study the project well. I contacted my fellow partner Davide Terenzi, and explained him the project. In a few days I was ready with a navigation concept and him, being the wonderful Flash artisan that he is, showed me the first concrete example of what could be done practically: I was stunned!!!! We were ready to shoot the photos!

The first photoshooting, in Modena, was done by me, starting from 5 in the morning to 11 pm. What a rush! We then recorded some sounds and some were took by the internet.

Post-production time!! At this point Davide was the Man, through action scripting he could do practically everything that we had in mind. We had a hard time finding the right sound effects for the right photo, but except this everything flow quite well, we knew exactly what we wanted to do and did it in a short time. Now the first city was done, and we put the project online on a secondary link, under the name "An exploration about human behaviour".

The responses were great! We won some prizes and web-design portals were talking good about it. We enjoyed summertime and on the first days of september we decided it was time for another round. Davide was studying architecture in Venice, and we thought it could have been a great city to shoot photos into. We chose the place (the same you can see at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and at 5 in the morning we were settled near a sleeping homeless and some isteric pigeons.
A hour later, right when we discovered that the camera was already running out of battery, the first window opened, and it was right over our heads!! We explained the woman what we were doing and our problem: two minutes later our camera and Powerbook were connected through the house of the kindest family in Venice!!! The photoshooting was funny as hell, you can't believe how many people came to us asking what the hell we were doing!! Also police came in the end, but they told us that we were no longer welcome, so we recorded the last sound effects and we were off. Back in the studio again, the montage was done. We fixed some problems, corrected the intro and re-named the project: "Their circular life" was definitely born, with its own ".it"-domain.

We still can't believe how much positive feedback we got!! We love doing this project, and we're thinking about other cities and places to do it. We love the feeling of getting off the computer, going back in the streets and FEEL on our skin what will be the core of the work; we love the way people seem so natural, so true; we love what you can discover by standing still in a place for so much time; we love the way every person who interact with our project sees it in a different way.

Just like life is.

Lorenzo Fonda, february 2002