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digitalcraft STUDIO: april 5th - 19th 2002 at the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt

--> Recent work from the digitalcraft STUDIO

The digitalcraft STUDIO was a collaborative project between the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt, Städelschule and Oslo School of Architecture in April 2002, communicating advanced ways of modelling form and space in architecture to a wide and general audience.
Traditional and conventional ways to design architecture were questioned for their capacity to meet with current ambitions and demands within architecture.

The digitalcraft STUDIO tested the capacity of possible forms and spatial types through the use of digital tools, computer-controlled processes and rapid prototype equipment. This integration of advanced technologies is the first moment in a design methodology that incorporates time in a manner unparallelled by all previously known methods. It means that the formulation and examination of an idea are to a great extent simultaneous; an operative synthesis takes place.

The results of this ongoing process have been open to the public at
the Museum of Applied Arts Frankfurt between 05 -19 April, complemented by a series of public lectures and discussions on with Ben van Berkel, Greg Lynn, Steinar Killi and others.