I love you
The catalogue
Franziska Nori: I love you
Massimo Ferronato: The VX scene
Sarah Gordon: Structuring ethical curricula
Alessandro Ludovico: Virus
epidemiC: Action sharing
epidemiC: AntiMafia
epidemiC: Audience versus sharing
0100101110101101.0rg: Vopos
Jaromil: :(){ :I:& };:
Jutta Steidl: If ( ) then ( )
Florian Cramer: Language, a Virus?
Csilla Burján: Chronology of Viruses
Humboldt-University of Berlin: Glossary of viruses
Pictures of the exhibition
The Poster
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I love you - Franziska Nori


The VX-scene - Massimo Ferronato
Structuring ethical curricula in the information age - Sarah Gordon


Virus charms and selfcreating codes - Alessandro Ludovico
Action sharing - epidemiC
AntiMafia - epidemiC
Audience versus sharing - epidemiC
Vopos, an experiment in art - 0100101110101101.0RG


:(){ :|:& };: - Jaromil
If ( ) then ( ) - Jutta Steidl
Language, a virus? - Florian Cramer


Chronology of viruses - Csilla Burján
Virus types and variants
- Humboldt-University Berlin, Computer Centre, Lutz Stange