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In this gallery, digitalcraft documentates selected demos based on different platforms. Each of them is presented with screenshots, some further information and a direct link to download them. The gallery contains three sections: PC-demos, C64-Demos and Demos for so called Mobiles like Handys and Palms.

On this page you'll find a documenation of four special PC demos. If you're interested in C64 demos or mobiles demos please follow the links.

--> go to the C64 DEMO GALLERY


FR19 - poem to a horse (new & improved version)

By the demo-group Farbrausch

Code: chaos, kb, doj, ryg
Graphics: fiver2
Sound: ronny

--> more infos
--> Farbrausch's homepage

Achievements: Mekka symposium 2002, PC 64k Winner Demo.
Release date: 2002

Download here:


By Baze
more about Baze


"Tube" by the demo-group Baze shows a classic motive of the demo-culture, which nowadays is also known from other segments of multimedia: A visualized flight through a 3D-world.

Achievements: Syndeecate 01, Rank 1.
Release date: 2001

Download here:

(We took the) GREEN PILL

By Haujobb

Achievements: Assembly 2001, Rank 14.
Release date: 2001

Download here:


By Sunflower
Supported by: fthr, thor, yhurt, saffron.

Achievements: Assembly 2001, Rank 6.
Release date: 2001

Download here: