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For the “SMS museum guide”, digitalcraft chose three kinds of objects: selected excerpts from a book, “historical” console games plus the emulators needed to run the game on a modern PC and screensavers as multimedia artifacts. Thus, various types of information can be communicated between a museum and its visitors.

This service will keep existing after the end of the exhibition project “SMS museum guide”. The procedure is absolutely simple: all you need is a mobile phone that can send and receive short messages (SMS) and the number of the “SMS museum guide”: 0178 - 29 79 668.

We offer two kinds of information:

In order to receive brief information about a special object on your mobile phone, please send a SMS with the respective code (e.g. “mak001”) to 0178 - 29 79 668.

For background information and digital content that will be sent to you by email, please send a SMS with the respective code and your e-Mail adress to 0178 - 29 79 668 (e.g. “mak002”).

The objects are:

Books & Texts
--> The first three chapters of “Small pieces loosely joined”, a book by David Weinberger on the history of internet culture, could be obtained as an email attachment.

Consoles & Games
--> Additional information on the objects in the digitalcraft exhibition could be requested via SMS. Selected games and the needed emulators could be “taken home” by having an email sent to you containing the respective digital content.

Screensavers - multimedia artifacts
--> Digitalcraft offered various screensavers, all designed by famous international designers. These could be requested by the visitors and were then sent to them by email (all screensavers available for MacOS and windows).