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Object 1: Text & Book. Excerpts from David Weinberger's "Small Pieces loosely joined"


David Weinberger's "Small Pieces loosely joined" which was released in 2002 is definitely an essential feature story about the culture and history of the internet.

Weinberger charakterises this project in his own words: "What is the Web for? And why do we care so much? Why has this simple technology sent a lightning bolt through our culture? It goes far beyond the Web's over-hyped economic impact: 500 million of us aren't there because we want a better "shopping experience." The Web, a world of pure connection, free of the arbitrary constraints of matter, distance and time, is showing us who we are and is undoing some of our deepest misunderstandings about what it means to be human in the real world."

The first two chapters of the book can be ordered within the digitalcraft "SMS museum guide" by sending a SMS. An e-Mail which contains the text of those chapters in an PDF-file will reach you just a few minutes later.

If you want to get the first two chapters via e-Mail, please send a SMS with the code "mak002" to the phone number 0178 - 29 79 668.