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backgrounder on digitalcraft

digitalcraft is a department of the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt (Museum for applied arts in Frankfurt, Germany) that documents the development of fast moving trends of today´s digital everyday life. Parallely, digitalcraft places complex topics in a public context by presenting thematic exhibitions and experimental projects. The main aspect is the interplay of art, science and economy. Thus, digitalcraft ranges in the continuation of a classical museums´ duties (collecting, research, exhibition, intermediation) and applies those to up-to-date currents of digital craft.

The collection

Museums are not only assigned to present historical objects - they also act as a part of the public memory. Facing the culture of new media and the internet, new questions come up: How can objects, that in fact have been conceived as work in progress, like websites are, be archived or collected ? Which criteria need to be applied in order to define the cultural relevance of a specific digital object? How can one permanently preserve these digital objects, given the constant innovation of hard- and software? How does a museum adequately get across phenomena of nowaday’s digital culture?

digitalcraft has managed to transcribe various methods of resolutions while establishing its digital collection. It presently consists of three areas: contemporary webdesign, games & emulators and a historic example such as the first German online community. - the portal on the internet

International "digital artisans" refer to´s database in order to get updated information on trends and tendencies of international webdesign. All projects and exhibitions are documented; pictures, texts and essays are all available online.

The exhibitions

Under the direction of Franziska Nori, digitalcraft designs exhibitions that deal with current and important (if not explosive) topics such as computer viruses, the demo scene, mp3 and filesharing. Diverse, sometimes contrary perceptions from art, science and economy are presented to the public in interdisciplinary shows. Workshops, discussion panels and guided visits complement the offer.