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The catalogue
Franziska Nori: adonnaM.mp3. Filesharing – The hid
David Weinberger: The Intimacy of Peer-to-Peer
Massimo Ferronato [epidemiC]: Golden Ears
Florian Cramer: Peer-to-Peer Services: Transgressi
Luca Lampo [epidemiC]: Save as ...
Alessandro Ludovico: Peer-to-Peer: the collective,
Zirkeltraining: Bootleg Objekt #1 – ReBraun
Gregor/Jesek/Schröder: Coverbox
J. Chris Montgomery: Prelude, Fugue and Allegro: H
Ulrich Sieben: A vegetarian dog
Luigi Mansani: Legal Strategies
A MP3 Chronology
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adonnaM.mp3: Filesharing - The hidden revolution in the Internet

The catalogue on the exhibition:

1. Franziska Nori
adonnaM.mp3 Filesharing – The hidden revolution in the Internet

2. David Weinberger The Intimacy of Peer-to-Peer

3. Massimo Ferronato [epidemiC]
Golden Ears are expensive

4. Florian Cramer
Peer-to-Peer Services: Transgressing the archive (and its maladies?)

5. Luca Lampo [epidemiC]
Save as ...>/a>

6. Alessandro Ludovico
Peer-to-Peer: the collective, collaborative and liberated memory of sound

7. Zirkeltraining
Bootleg Objekt #1 – ReBraun

8. Gregor/Jesek/Schröder

9. J. Chris Montgomery
Prelude, Fugue and Allegro: Harmonic Transformation or Digital Dissonance?

10. Ulrich Sieben
A vegetarian dog

11. Luigi Mansani
Legal Strategies