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Luca Lampo & Marina Serina [epidemiC]

A MP3-Chronology: A song-swapping timeline - 1.0

There is a thing, and they call it M.P. three
And our fans can get our music for free... Yeah!

Bob Cesca, Metallica parody

The MP3-chronology by Luca Lampo and Marina Serina is also part of the catalogue of the "adonnaM.mp3"-exhibition. digitalcraft decided to make this detailed overview about the history of filesharing through the 90ies an own navigation point in the online documentation of the exhibition. Therefore the chronology has been divided in four parts:

Part 1: From the beginning to december 1998.

Part 2: From january 1999 to august 2000.

Part 3: From september 2000 to December 2001.

Part 4: From january 2002 to nowadays.

(1) Ludovico Alessandro, Suoni Futuri Digitali, Apogeo, 2000
(3) Haring Bruce, Beyond the Charts, OTC Press, 2000

Under GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)

Thanks to:,, Massimo Ferronato, Alessandro Mininno, Giacomo Moleri, Sara Zanichelli, Luca Proscia, Alessandro Ludovico, Franziska Nori.