The "Internationale Stadt Berlin"

In a first step digitalcraft publishes the index.html-page of the „Internationale Stadt Berlin“. The authors intended an overview of the original structure of their community.

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The "Internationale Stadt Berlin" as a permanent loan in mak.frankfurt

by Joachim Blank and Karl-Heinz Jeron

The by now legendary internet community project „Internationale Stadt Berlin“ is now being reconstructed by mak.frankfurt in cooperation with former founding members. The project, founded in 1994 and closed down in 1998 by a group of artists and computer freaks, at the time presented one of the most important socio-cultural internet projects. Seen from an international viewpoint, IS Berlin was one of the most important addresses for web art, culture and activism.

At the same time the ISB supported local initiatives, organizations and artists in their intention to position themselves in the World Wide Web. Discussions about topics such as “city metaphore” or “public digital space” have been decisively influenced also by the ISB. In a time, when the first agencies began to discover the medium WWW for themselves, and Netscape was nothing but a WWW browser, the WWW interface of ISB already had such communicative elements as news forums, a locally independent email service, WWW-IRC chats and quite a few other interactive features.

In march 1998 the operator group closed down the model project and took it from the web. Mak.Frankfurt now intends to document the ISB extensively within its project digitalcraft. The documentation is planned in a way that part of the ISB interface will be able to operate again, and that as many as possible of the projects developed within the ISB go online again. Moreover an archive with texts, press reviews other material about the ISB and its activities will be made accessible to the public.