In a networked society, dealing with computer viruses has become a part of our everyday digital life. The exhibition takes up this controversial subject to analize it, to collect background information and to present selected artworks dealing with this phenomenon. The aim is to describe the connection between viruses and digital culture. "I love you" is a work in progress-exhibition developed by the Kulturbüro. Presented 2002 in Frankfurt and 2003 in Berlin, 2004 "I love you" goes on international tour in its reverse-engineered [rev.eng] version.


Serbia - Museum of Contemporary Art Novi Sad
June 22nd - July 4th.2006

Serbia - Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade
July 11th - July 24th 2006
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USA - Providence: Brown University - Watson Institute for International Studies
September 10th - October 4th 2004
DENMARK - Copenhagen: Post & Tele Museum
October 7th - November 14th 2004
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